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The Travellers are a community made up of people who wish to be free from the bounds of society and live a life on the move.

The Travellers

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Organization Information
Status Active
Type Social Organization
Founded 01/31/1901
Current Leader(s) Mickey Laign
Location(s) Rhodes



After leaving his caravan in England, Mickey Laign started to miss his old life as an Irish Traveler. Despite the friends he was making in the crossing he decided it was high time to create a travelling caravan with a sense of community and the feeling of family for those who are so far away from home. The Travellers live by a simple code to keep them safe and prevent infighting (a common trait amongst travelling communities). The Travellers even have a secret set of symbols that they use to mark locations so fellow Travelers passing through a town or city understand the Traveler's current situation within the area. Many pastimes in The Travellers community include Group Hunting, Friendly Horse Races, Wild Horse Taming, Bare Knuckle Boxing, and drinking a lot of whiskey. However, despite the family-like feel of this community, it is not uncommon for its members to become involved in criminal activities, or even hire themselves out as mercenaries.

Major Events

Known Members



  • Even though The Travellers don't like to stay in one place for a long time, they still mark out 'Havens' in every town so they have somewhere to come back to.
  • Despite popular belief, you don't have to be born a Traveler to be one, It's all about the way of life.


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