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The Saint's Crossing Ranger Corps is a government organization that exists to protect citizens from dangerous wildlife, preserve endangered wildlife from citizens, conduct search and rescues for those missing in the wild, and to provide respite for those in need who brave the wilds. Their duty is to uphold a lawful and neutral position in order to serve all citizens equally, regardless of affiliation.

Saint's Crossing Ranger Corps

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Saint's Crossing Ranger Corps
Organization Information
Status Active
Type Government Wildlife Service
Founded 1899
Founder(s) Virgil, Nokosi
Current Leader(s) Buzz Buxton, Peter Rockwell, Jebediah Longwater, Olive Hellman
Headquarters Strawberry
Affiliation(s) Saint's Crossing Sheriff's Office, Saint's Crossing Department of Health


Major Events


State Ranger

Head Ranger

Game Warden

Senior Ranger


Ranger Recruit


Saint's Crossing Ranger Corps Members
State Ranger

Margaret Jones

Head Ranger

Buzz Buxton

Game Wardens

Bear WalkerCatriona CarverDeuce Patterson

Senior Rangers

TibbitAlfred Walsh


Alabaster KingBeaux CarterBright DawnChase ReevesClifford DawesCopernicus CraneEli WhittakerEllis WadeEthan JonesHal DreenHaystacks CalhounJebediah LongwaterJohanna AlegraJustine LerouxKamino Nøkk (deceased) • Liam ReillyMax Stillwater (deceased) • Nadia TaylorsNathan ThompsonOlive HellmanOlya IvanaviaOwen BradlyPeter RockwellQuincy GerkinRaven Bennett (deceased) • Raven HillRodney SpencerShane BannerShayna Shield-BrooksTavish Black (deceased) William JohnstonWilliam Murray

Retired Members

Augstus BassetBilly KimCharles RomandoClaire MacCabeClementine FisherDallas WolfDanni JacksonFrankie Bright (deceased) • Isla WhiteJoey Crawford (deceased) • Kate HollidayMaive GrangerMei LiMitch SandhNokosiRoy CallanderVincent LudorumZunta Zuya Wichasa Oslyeka yin Wakpa


Ranger Headquarters
  • In Strawberry, West of the Doctor’s Office as a standalone building with 2 horse stalls.
    Ranger Towers
  • Amberino Tower, very northern path of Amberino, on the hillsides after the poppyfields.
  • Barrow Lagoon, a few tents and warm fires set up just before the lagoon.
  • Colter, right in the heart of the small town.
  • Emerald Tower, not far from Emerald Ranch.
  • Lemoyne Tower, just south of Bolder Glade.
  • Manzinita Post, in the heart of Tall Trees.
  • New Austin Tower, out West between Armadillo & Tumbleweed.



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