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Catriona Carver is determined and kind natured. She is a gentle person at heart and will always try to speak up and do the right thing. Thoughtful and idealistic, she strives to have a positive impact on other people and the world around her. She rarely shys away from an opportunity to do the right thing, even when doing so is far from easy. Cat trusts the law, medics and the opinion of her brother Colin. She sees Colin as her hero and looks up to him.

Cat Carver

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Biographical Information
Full Name Catriona Carver
Status Alive
Alias Catriona Barlowe, Cat, Kitten, Triona
Nickname(s) Cat
Nationality/Ethnicity American (with Irish/Scottish parents)
Gender Female
Title Mrs.
Occupation Game Warden, SCRC
Affiliation(s) SCRC
Relatives Colin Carver (brother)
Date of Birth 1st Feb 1883
Age 19
Place of Birth Fairplay, Colorado
Significant Other Samuel Barlowe
Horse "Fauna" - Turkoman
Portrayed By floralfoxes


Early Life

Catriona Carver was born in Fairplay, Colorado. One of 14 children, and the youngest of the girls, Cat has always strived to prove herself to her family. She has strong morals instilled in her by her parents and older siblings. She grew up on a family ranch and spent time with animals, horses And has an innate love for nature. She practices Celtic paganism as her religion and was taught Tarot and how to make tonics by her mother. Cat worships the goddess Brigid from Celtic folklore.

Events in Saint's Crossing

Since arriving in the crossing, Cat has become a fully trained Gunsmith in Rhodes with Mr. Flood, Cooper and Colin. She hopes to continue to learn the trade of gunsmithing to a high level and bring care and love to everything she creates. Cat applied to the Rangers and was accepted. She is currently a Veterinarian in the town of Adelaide, near her hometown of Fairplay, Colorado. She is a former Game Warden of the SCRC but resigned do to medical reasons. Cat suffers form anemia but it has improved since leaving The Crossing. Cat was named as the first "Huntress" of the Saint's Crossing Ranger Corps. A title she was bestowed by Head Ranger Buzz Buxton and Sheriff Sandh. She now lives in Fairplay happily with her Husband Samuel Barlowe in their home in Fairplay, Colorado. She has one daughter, Sophia Elsie Barlow; named after Sophia Barton and her late friend Elsie Fletcher.



Cat is creative, altruistic and sometimes a goofball. She’s a terrible cook, but a dedicated friend and will always be there if people need her help. She volunteers at the soup kitchen in St. Denis with her brother Colin and always thinks about helping others. She is very determined to self-improve and can sometimes be overly idealistic or unrealistic about her goals. She puts a lot of pressure on herself to live up to the ideals that she sets for herself and can get burnt out easily when putting the needs of others before herself. She often raises money for charity when she can and tries to help people, sometimes putting them before herself. Cat is quite sensitive and she takes things to heart, she can be stubborn and also can hold grudges for a long time when her trust has been broken. She wears her heart on her sleeve, all the same though and tries to stay honest and open with people even if it is the difficult thing to do.


Cat has long blonde hair, green eyes and freckles on her nose. Her facial features are soft, she is 5’7 and has a slim body type. She has a thick scar on her neck from a cougar attack. She wears practical, comfortable clothing and will often wear her brother’s old knit hat as well as her father’s gun belt.

  • Colin Carver

Catriona’s hero. Colin is Cat’s favourite sibling and she will always respect him and look up to him. As kids, he would always look out for her and they have a close bond. Cat wants to make Colin proud and live up to her childhood nickname “Can-do-Cat” and bring a can-do attitude to everything she tries. Colin pretty much raised Cat, looking out for her but helping her be independent too. Cat trusts Colin's judgement above all else and trusts that whatever he chooses to do, his heart will be in the right place.

Cat hopes that Colin can teach her some skills like smithing and hunting more. She hopes to do him proud by practicing each day. Colin is a determined, steady and humble figure in her life and she admires him for that.

If anyone disregards or disrespects Colin, especially in earshot of Cat, they will find her usually warm demeanour will turn into the form of a cold shoulder. Cat is stubborn and takes perceived insult very seriously when it comes to the reputation of her family. People will have to do a lot of legwork to build up trust again if they slight her by speaking bad about Colin. Colin has currently left the Crossing and Cat doesn't know of his whereabouts. She worries for him often and wishes she could find her way to him somehow.

  • Sophia Barton

Sophia Barton has become family to Cat. Cat often introduces her as her "mom". She is someone Cat admires and looks up to. Cat feels as though Sophia has a heart of gold and she wants to see her finding happiness and a sense of safety in her life. Sophia is intelligent, kind and helps those around her.

Cat admires her counselling skills and the tenderness she shows to people who are hurting. In Blackwater, Soph and Cat gave some advice to Marta and this experience opened Cat’s eyes to the true talent and power that Sophia naturally possesses to help others.

Cat sees Sophia as a superior, she looks up to her, respects her and often calls her “Miss Sophia”. Sophia received a tattoo from Cat- a bird with it's wings spread. Cat feels so deeply understood by Sophia and often asks people to look out for Sophia. She worries about Sophia's happiness and lot and tries very hard to show Soph that she cares. The truth is, Sophia has become Cat's hero and she wishes someday to be just like her. Sophia has given Cat so much tenderness and care and has become like a mother figure to Cat. She calls Cat "Kitten" as a term of endearment.

  • Closest Friends

Sophia Barton, Game Warden Olive Hellman, Ranger Tibbit, Senior Ranger Pugsley, Senior Ranger Murray, Ranger Tommy Cusou, Head Ranger Buzz Buxton, Snr. Deputy Cait Mc Allister, Deputy Johanna Briggs, Deputy Edison Jones, Medic Katherine Byrne, Dr Elsie Fletcher, Dr. AB, Snr. Medic Dovie and others.


  • Cat worships the Goddess Brigid of Celtic Paganism. She is the goddess of healing, poetry and smithing. This is why Cat writes poetry and is an aspiring gunsmith.
  • Cat’s horse Fae is inspired by the Goddess Brigid’s Oxen Mag Fae and Mag Femen. Cat will buy another horse and call it “Feme” in relation to Mag Femen.
  • Cat and her friend Deputy Eddison Jones call each other "cell mates" because they are friends who both enjoy celery.
  • Cat has a dog named Mauser. She nicknames him “Maus”. He is a golden retriever which she saved as a stray from the St. Denis market. Maus will be seen walking around Rhodes or sometimes on the porch of the Rhodes Gun store.


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