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The Saint's Crossing Department of Health is the medical agency of Saint's Crossing. The SCDH is responsible for treating injured citizens of the Crossing, providing health advisories, researching and developing an increased level of care for all in the Crossing. There are offices in all major towns including Annesburg, Armadillo, Blackwater, Saint Denis, Strawberry, Rhodes, Valentine and Tumbleweed.

Saint's Crossing Department of Health

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Organization Information
Status Active
Type Medical Department
Current Leader(s) Director Sloane Sullivan
Affiliation(s) Saint’s Crossing Sheriff’s Department



The Saint’s Crossing Department of Health, arguably composed of the most attractive people in the Crossing began as an independent organization in 1899. Through the hard work of leaders and close affiliation with the SCSD, they became an official government entity in July of 1901.

Major Events

The Andrew Weaver Tents. Funding came from a dating auction led by Hummingbird that raised $6000
Water Delivery and Social Work in Armadillo over Xmas of 1900 (ending in the opening of medical tents 1901)
New Unique Plant Life Sprouting Around the Crossing Early 1901
The Great Supply Shortage, Summer of 1901

Medical Lore

Ongoing studies into blood, led by Dr. Lark Atwood, have resulted in the discovery of two categories, universal and non-universal blood. It is believed more remains to be discovered regarding blood categories and why some blood is universal and others are not.

The unique use of Strawberry Extract remains a staple in the treatment of blood loss. Its properties enable the body's quick reaction to the reproduction of blood. The incredible virtues of Strawberry Extract were introduced by Dr. Kavanaugh (known as Dr. K)

Salmon skin therapy was introduced by Dr. Delilah Kane. It remains a staple in the treatment of burns by allowing the skin to maintain moisture and enabling skin cell regeneration as well as reducing the spread of necrotic skin.


Deputy Director
Counselor, Medic, Nurse, Doctor

MedRP Tips and Tricks

If you are in need of inspiration in varying degrees of general MedRP involvement and how you as a patient can get involved in the medical scene at hand, you are welcome to use the following list to inspire your roleplay! This list is not comprehensive and is merely to help spark ideas for your medical roleplay.

Which is a worse gunshot wound injury, a bullet being lodged or a through and through?

- A common misconception is that through and throughs are the better of the two - this is not the case! This creates two wounds where there were none, versus a bullet being lodged acting as a cork to the wound at play. If you are seeking a lesser of the two, having a bullet lodged in a wound would be the best choice. Or, if you would simply wish to RP a flesh wound, a bullet graze would do the trick

What is a good range of internal injuries I can RP due to GSWs?

- If you are seeking a less dramatic and easier to recover from injury having the bullet lodged in a bone or muscle would be ideal. However, if you are looking to lean into something more complicated you can choose to have the bullet pass through or be stuck in an organ. Something like a bullet passing through a lung and ricocheting somewhere into the chest cavity could lead to an interesting exploratory MedRP scene. You are welcome to explore the most minor of injuries all the way until something critical to the survivability of your character; it is your choice, after all.

How bad are arterial bleeds?

- Surprisingly, these can also vary! Typically arterial bleeds spell bad news for the patient as in real life you would bleed out very, very quickly. However, in RP, you can choose to have something lodged in an artery or have it nicked with damage can help buy your character time. It is assumed that if arterial damage is present that it becomes the top most priority and must be dealt with immediately. Please be cautious with arterial bleeds as they are one of the deadliest conditions and are likely to be RPed as being in a critical condition.

How long should I wait for a Medic to show up after a tip has been sent for help?

- Medics could be in any of the SCDH offices at any given time. Even if they are able to respond, they could be 10-20 minutes away from being able to assist. Should you be helped to your feet with the help of the Local Doctors, please do send in a tip to the MEDIC tipline to let them know you have been treated. Just like waiting for a Ranger to come find you after Calling for Help, it is strongly advised to wait at least 15-20 minutes in the event a Medic is able to respond to your tip. If there is anyone with you waiting at your side, perhaps reaching out to the nearest Deputy might be of use - they can check to see if anyone has responded to your tip and alert you if anyone is on their way.

I'm worried I'm not very good at giving MedRP to medical roleplayers - any advice?

- You are welcome to approach MedRP with whatever level of knowledge you possess, whether that is extremely detailed or straightforward and to the point. Ultimately, MedRPers are there to help facilitate the scene that you want no matter the complexity of what you're presenting to them. Rest assured that they are there to help you regardless of how detailed you are. Our MedRPers may ask clarifying questions or try to probe deeper into underlying issues but keep in mind you are welcome to keep things as simple as you would like. At the end of the day, it is your scene and they are there to help support it the best they can.

I know a lot of real medical knowledge and am excited to bring that into the Crossing! What is acceptable in MedRP?

- We do our best to make MedRP as accessible as possible. Keeping terms and medication names simplified keep it as easy of a barrier to entry as possible. Changing a phrase from "They suffered from a pleural effusion" to "They had water in the lung" keeps it as easy to approach for all involved as possible! We appreciate patients with extensive medical knowledge to keep it to a hearty baseline between 'I know what I'm talking about without making it too confusing for the others involved'. Keep in mind not everyone that engages with MedRP, whether patient or Medic, has real world experience!


Saint's Crossing Department of Health Members

Deputy Director

Bianca MackennaLily Nelson


Hazel Terri


Calvin SmithDovie ParkerEoghan McConnellTemperance Trix

Counselor, Medic, Nurse, Doctor

Adela BenitezBonnifer GrayCharles NapierClyde HutchinsonDugold LittleElsie FletcherEmerson CainJoshua MargotKatherine ByrneKenzington DowneyKira CoxLark AttwoodMargerie SmithNikolai KalasnikovRana MarshTilly-May WintersVirgil WardVivian Cain

Retired Members

HummingBirdIsabella VautourTristan Shipman


  • “No Pulse” means you are DEAD
  • There is universal/non-universal blood. We do not know blood types in the crossing yet.


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