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Lily Nelson (formerly Heath, born July 9, 1872) is a Deputy Director and doctor with the Saint's Crossing Department of Health.

Deputy Director Lily Nelson

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Biographical Information
Full Name Lily Nelson
Status Alive
Nationality/Ethnicity Canadian
Gender Female
Title Deputy Director
Occupation Doctor
Affiliation(s) Saint's Crossing Department of Health
Date of Birth July 9, 1872
Age 30
Place of Birth Cariboo Mountains, Canada
Significant Other None
Horse Spirit (Gypsy Cobb - Painted)
Portrayed By Chellbug


Early Life

Lily Nelson, formerly Heath, was born in the remote mountain region of the Cariboo. Her parents had settled in the region during the height of the gold rush, eventually settling in a small mining town where they had built a small ranch. By the time she was born her father had become estranged, raised as an only child by her mother alone. Working tirelessly for their survival, Lily was primarily left to her own devices, spending most of her time alone and in the company of neighbors, few and far between.

Once she came of age she was quickly married to a young rancher. This provided to be short-lived however, as she soon lost her husband to an ailment following injury. After this loss and no option to return home, Lily was determined to have more agency over her own life and avoid such losses ever again. She decided to seek home elsewhere, and an arduous journey led her directly to Saint's Crossing.

Career in Saint's Crossing

It did not take long in the Crossing to realize that injury and threats to safety were a daily reality. Lily began to train as a field medic under the tutelage of the existing medical team. Before long she was taken under the wing of her mentor, Doctor Alice. With a combination of both her individual studies and the training of staff and mentor, she soon became a doctor in the Crossing.

Over time Lily continued to hone her skills, beginning to pursue specializations in ailments of the lung, surgery and emergency medicine. Eventually she was promoted within the Saint's Crossing Department of Health (SCDH) as a senior doctor, and then again as Deputy Director, taking leadership of the medical staff and providing guidance and support for those serving the health of the Crossing.



Lily is a Deputy Director in the Saints Crossing Department of Health (SCDH), providing leadership and support for the medical team in the Crossing.


Lily can be characterized by her focused care to most anyone she comes across. Believing in the concept of equal care, she will treat anyone with compassion and openness, provided they are not a danger to herself or loved ones. She tends to be friendly, though those closest to her will know that the well runs deep; she has survived many challenges and lost loved ones over her time before and within the Crossing.


Easily noted by her kept appearance and fiery auburn hair, Lily generally presents herself with an air of professionalism, ready to work at a moment's notice.


Partner: Her current partner is LEO Jack Cameron, a long-standing and dedicated member of the Saint's Crossing Sheriffs Department.

Previous Partners: Though never formally remarried, Lily survives her former partner Dr. Tedrick Nelson (deceased), who passed prematurely following a severe spinal injury. In an effort to carry on his name in good work, she took his name as her own.

Closest Friends: Georgie Meadows, Herbie Coltrane, Gabriel Cash, Poppet

Mentor: Dr. Alice Cross (deceased)


  • Heath is Lily's maiden name
  • She hates puns and will make it plainly known
  • She never forgets a face that has harmed her