Dovie Parker

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Dovie is a Deputy with the Saint's Crossing Sheriff's Department though has a storied history with the Saint's Crossing Department of Health.

Dovie Parker

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Biographical Information
Full Name Deborah Jean Parker
Status Alive
Alias Dovie Parker
Nickname(s) Dovie
Nationality/Ethnicity British
Gender Female
Title Deputy
Occupation Law Officer
Affiliation(s) Saint's Crossing Sheriff's Department
Date of Birth October 27th, 1867
Age 35
Place of Birth Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom
Significant Other Cole Cade
Horse Calla - Missouri Foxtrotter
Portrayed By Ashen_Rabbit


Early Life

Dovie Parker, born Deborah Jean Parker, split her early years between Ipswich in Suffolk and the city of London as her parents held separate family businesses in each respective town. Her mother, Mrs. Macie Parker (formerly Mayhew), owned a family Bed & Breakfast in the near coastal town of Ipswich while her father, Gerald Parker, owned an investment banking firm in London. It was this duality between the cold, harsh city of London and the inviting, cozy town of Ipswich that helped form Dovie's personality. Finding a keen interest in the life of the flora of the land, she eventually focused her studies on that of Botany, attending Oxford University and obtaining multiple levels of degrees.

Events in Saint's Crossing

Arriving in Saint's Crossing with mixed stories as to the why, Dovie quickly latched on to those that showed her kindness in the muddy town of Valentine and became a bit of a wallflower in the lobby of the Valentine Bathhouse. Her time at the Bathhouse was chaotic and joyful on the surface, helping customers and maintaining the rooms with her experience working at her mother's Bed & Breakfast back home.

Upon seeing her new found friends constantly finding themselves in dire need of medical help, Dovie was inspired to join the Saint's Crossing Department of Health Trainee program. Two very full weeks of training ensued, eventually earning her the title of Medic within the SCDH.






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