The Crown Jewels

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The Crown Jewels were an outlaw gang led by Julius Bradshaw.

The Crown Jewels

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Organization Information
Status Disbanded
Type Outlaw Gang
Founded May of 1900
Current Leader(s) Julius Bradshaw
Location(s) Van Horn
Alliances Summers Gang, The Uninvited
Former Members "V", Antoine Delacreaux, Isabella Vautour, Ali Mason, Oliver Baker aka "O.B." (deceased), Michael Rowe (deceased)



In the spring of 1900, Julius Bradshaw, also known as The Jade King was working as a freelance bank robber and gun-for-hire. His friend "V" was heavily wanted by the law and was seeking the protection of a gang, so they decided to form one themselves. Julius was still hiding under the alias Alfred Jones but was convinced it was only a matter of time until the law figured him out, and wanted protection as well. They met in the Bastille in Saint Denis, and over an oyster dinner V laid out her terms. She wanted equal power and leadership in the gang, and they would bring in her associate Antoine Delacreaux. Julius agreed to her terms, and the gang was born.

A few days later the gang was drinking in the Rhodes Parlour House with their associate Henry and a reporter by the name of Marilyn. They brainstormed gang names, eventually deciding on The Crown Jewels to celebrate their interest in high-stakes heists and valuable gemstones.

Major Events

Known Members



  • Due to their closeness with Summers Gang, it was often confused who was a member of which gang by both the law and other criminals alike


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