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Julius Bradshaw, aka The Jade King is a former outlaw and current manager of The Blue Pearl.

Julius Bradshaw

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Biographical Information
Status Alive
Alias The Jade King, Alfred Jones (formerly)
Nickname(s) King, Jules
Nationality/Ethnicity African-American
Gender Male
Occupation Bartender and Manager of The Blue Pearl
Affiliation(s) The Crown Jewels (formerly), Hardman Gang (formerly)
Relatives Arnold Bradshaw (father, deceased), brother and sister (unknown)
Horse Rio, Quartz, Pearl
Portrayed By tank


Early Life

Julius Bradshaw was born to a lower-class family somewhere near Memphis, Tennessee. After oil was discovered on their land, his family moved to New York City as his father used the money earned to start a business empire.

The Hardman Gang

Julius joined the Hardman Gang in 1896 after being released from jail after a string of petty burglaries. After his release, he began targeting jewelry stores specifically before being recruited by one of the gang's members. He was given the nickname "King" by the gang due to his family ties, as the Bradshaws were considered New York "royalty". Eventually, the gang attempted to rob a train but were foiled when their leader, Everett Hardman, was thrown from the train during a scuffle with a deputy and fell under the wheels of the still-moving train, derailing it entirely. Much of the gang was apprehended and the rest, including Julius, escaped and fled. Julius and one of the other surviving gang members ran south before eventually deciding to hide out in the desert in the Gaptooth Ridge region of New Austin.

Events in Saint's Crossing

"Alfred Jones"

After many months spent hiding in the desert, surviving off canned beans, cheap whiskey, and the occasional rabbit, Julius and his friend decided they would head east and try their luck disguising themselves as civilians, using fake names out of fear that detectives may have traveled south to find them. Julius began calling himself "Alfred Jones" and integrated himself with the citizens of Saint's Crossing.

Freelance Criminal

After a year of peace, Julius grew bored of living an honest life and felt confident that his past had not followed him to the Crossing, and the law was either unaware of who he was or not looking for him. A criminal he had befriended back in New York by the name of "V" introduced him to a few of her friends including Wesley Shields, and he quickly began networking within the criminal underground of Saint's Crossing. He decided the best way to continue his double life was to create a memorable persona to use during jobs and began calling himself "The Jade King", combining his nickname of "King" with the jade stones adorning the bull skull mask he would wear while committing crimes. This allowed him to continue his life as "Alfred Jones" without raising suspicion from the law.

The Crown Jewels

In the spring of 1900, Julius and "V" formed a gang known as The Crown Jewels. "V" was heavily wanted by the law and was seeking the protection of a gang, and Julius was becoming increasingly convinced it was only a matter of time until the law figured out he was actually The Jade King. They met in the Bastille in Saint Denis, and over an oyster dinner V laid out her terms. She wanted equal power and leadership in the gang, and they would bring in her associate Antoine Delacreaux. Julius agreed to her terms, and the gang was born.

Alliance with Gavin Summers and War with Kettleman

After an attempt at a peace talk, Jack Kettleman assaulted and horrifically burned Isabella Vautour, trigging a full-scale war between Summers Gang and their allies and the Kettleman Gang. In the end, several members of the Crown Jewels died and Julius was sent to Sisika for many years.

The Blue Pearl

Upon his release, Julius founded The Blue Pearl thanks to a sizeable financial investment from Mr.Ko. He vowed to lead a clean and simple life, and give up crime to focus on the bar.



Julius is known to be exceedingly charming and a smooth-talker. He is friendly and makes connections with criminals and civilians alike with ease and is extraordinarily ego-driven, sometimes at the expense of his own well-being. He would deliberately leave notes at the scene of a crime or send taunting anonymous telegrams to the law. Julius has shown himself to care about the safety and health of others - even those he opposes, and would often attempt to render aid to the injured, including those who were his enemies. He is difficult to anger and generally level-headed but can have a violent temper when provoked.


Julius is of average build and height, with dark skin and dark eyes. His hair is generally unkept and unruly, kept under his signature black hat with a decorative golden hat band while his facial hair is trimmed into mutton chops. While he was an outlaw, he wore a long purple fur coat and had a large bull skull mask covered in pieces of jade, emerald, and gold adornments, thus the name "The Jade King". Upon giving up his criminal ways and becoming a bartender, he traded his getup for a plaid flat cap and a short coat. He has a scar on his cheek from a piece of shrapnel that grazed him during the botched train robbery attempt back in New York, and large scars across his chest from the machete wounds he sustained at the hands of "The Bull".

  • Isabella Vautour - Julius and Isabella have a very close, sibling-like relationship. Isabella is one of the main reasons Julius cites for deciding to go straight and give up his criminal life.
  • Gavin Summers - At the height of Van Horn, Summers was both a mentor to Julius and one of his closest friends. After Julius was sent to prison and learned of Summers' betrayal, their relationship was irreparably fractured.
  • Michael Rowe - Michael's death hit Julius quite hard as he viewed the man as a brother. He would often turn a blind eye to Michael's more violent and sadistic tendencies.
  • Julius is estranged from his biological family due to his criminal activity.


  • Julius worked with five independent gangs in Saint's Crossing on various jobs before forming The Crown Jewels
  • He is a talented pianist, having taken classical piano lessons from a young age
  • Julius regularly complains about how much he regretted his decision to call himself "Alfred Jones" because he didn't expect to use it as long as he did and hated the name


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