Mickey Laign

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Mickey is an Irish Traveler who fancies himself as a good hunter and bare-knuckle boxer.

Mickey Laign

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Biographical Information
Status Alive
Nickname(s) Blue Tar, Mick
Nationality/Ethnicity Irish
Gender Male
Occupation Hunter/Miner/Fighter
Affiliation(s) The Travellers
Date of Birth March 17th, 1872
Age 29
Place of Birth Birmingham, England
Horse Knockout (missing), Uppercut
Portrayed By Staceyjaxx


Early Life

Mickey was born on the outskirts of Birmingham in his parent's caravan, he spent most of his early years learning to hunt and catch small game in the wilds of England while his Caravan Traveled the length and breadth of the UK. At age 7 the men of his Caravan taught him how to fight and showed a natural talent for bare-knuckle boxing. At the age of 12 Mickey fought his first opponent...his father. Despite the age difference, Mickey held his own but ultimately lost, this began his father's reign of terror over the young boy to push harder and be 'More of a man'. By age 14 he was already fighting boys from other caravans and became well known amongst the Traveling community, not for his ability to win fights but for his graciousness in defeat. A few months after his 16th Birthday his father passed away while running a 'Job' for his caravan and needless to say Mickey wasn't even phased by it. However, after his father's death, Mickey's mother lost control of him and started running 'Jobs' with his older brothers and other members of the caravan. Mickey quickly rose through the ranks and gained a certain level of infamy amongst the small gangs of England. He continued his fighting career aiming for bigger and higher-risk matches organized by large London gangs. At age 29 he was approached by a London gang leader and was asked to throw a fight in exchange for a hefty pile of cash. Mickey however refused based on his own morals and wishing to retain his honor in the ring. This led to a bloody dispute between Mickey's gang and the London Outfit. During the skirmish a police officer was killed during an attempt on Mickey's life, with half of Scotland Yard on the London Outfits payroll, Mickey's gang dispersed and he made his way across the Atlantic in search of a new life.

Events in Saint's Crossing

The First Day

Upon arrival in the Crossing Mickey wasted no time in buying a rifle and a horse to begin hunting. After one hunt he came across a fellow named Tar and the two discovered how alike they look. After joking about them pretending to be each other they parted ways. Mickey then later almost got involved in a fight which resulted in Tar being mistaken for Mickey and was challenged by the two men Mickey almost fought earlier. Mickey was then later shown to Tar's friends: Sparks, Phil Copperhead, Dallas Wolf and Frankie. After some jokes were tossed around about kidnapping Mickey and forcing him to have his haircut Mr. Copperhead ultimately saw it through. After what was possibly the most embarrassing moment of Mickey's life he eventually saw the lighter side of it and made friends with his captures. They gave him money and Mr. Copperhead gave him a gun.

The Mining Accident

Mickey was contacted to do some mining on the behalf of Wei Industries by none other than Phil Copperhead. After what was a fairly straightforward mining exhibition Mickey, Phil, and their security member Arthur were preparing to leave the area. Suddenly, a bear attacked. Mickey was flung off his horse and smacked his chest on the rocks, although still breathing Mickey was in severe pain and coughing up blood. Arthur rushed to Valentine while Phil rushed to send out telegrams for help. Mickey lost consciousness once in Valentine and woke up to the beautiful Miss Darcie treating him. After coming back from the brink of death, Mickey learned he had broken three ribs and bruised his lungs.



Mickey is very outgoing and sociable, but he's also very stubborn and considers himself to be more durable than he really is. His humor mainly consists of dirty jokes and usually shows his affection for others through insults.


Mickey stands at just under 6 feet, has a slim athletic build, and after his makeover rocks short blonde hair and a blonde and styled goatee.

  • Phil Copperhead (Best Friend)
  • Tar (Friend)
  • Sparks (Friend)
  • Frankie (Friend)
  • Dallas (Friend)
  • Kipper (Romantic Interest)
  • Arthur Jones (Unlucky Charm)


  • During his war with the London Outfits Mickey sustained several gunshot wounds
  • The Revolver given to him by Phil Copperhead has been custom designed and named 'The Copperhead' in honor of his best friend Phil