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Francesca Bright is a member of the Saint's Crossing Ranger Corps.

Frankie Bright

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Biographical Information
Full Name Francesca Bright
Status Deceased
Nickname(s) Checkers
Nationality/Ethnicity American
Gender Female
Occupation Deputy
Affiliation(s) Saint's Crossing Sheriff's Department
Date of Birth May 21st
Age 25
Place of Birth Georgia
Significant Other Dallas Wolf
Horse Castor (Foxtrotter), Pepperjack (Roadster), Goose (Turkoman), 'Two' Foxtrotter
Portrayed By Leah


Early Life

Born to a mid-wealthy farm owner in Georgia, Francesca's mother died in childbirth and her father remarried at an early age. Her stepmother was the vindictive type, manipulated her father in efforts to have Francesca written out of his will, she wanted the farm and his money. Her father, blinded by his love for his new wife, couldn't see her hatred for Francesca. Many attempts were made to push Frankie out, and her father's 'love' for his wife won over. In an attempt to remove Francesca from the situation and keep her 'safe', he took her away to New York, leaving her under the eye of someone he once trusted. While in New York, the naive Francesca came to meet Sparks and Michael, who helped her learn a few streetwise tricks and took her under their wing once they realized she was essentially alone. They left New York in a hurry, traveling for a few years before landing in the crossing.

Events in Saint's Crossing

Francesca traveled with Michael 'Bossman' Sullivan and Sparks around the crossing, meeting Dallas 'Dollarman' Wolf in Tumbleweed and the four of them soon hit it off, starting a bed and breakfast near Blackwater in the hopes they could maintain a 'lawful' persona. Eventually they settled in the quiet through-town of Rhodes. A community slowly began to spring up, bolstered by Cooper Garret of Garret's Gunnery, and later helped by Sparks taking over the running of the general store.

Dallas began a security company, Wolf Security, and Francesca eventually joined him, hoping to learn more. The pair eventually realized they had feelings for one another, and after a time, got married in a quiet, nondescript ceremony. The pair chose to become rangers after giving up their security company, realizing the dangers they couldn't avoid or control, with so many people and lies. They were full-fledged members of the Saint's Crossing Ranger Corps by the end of January 1901. Frankie rose to Head Ranger in her nine months with the Rangers, before choosing to move to the Sheriff's department in becoming a Deputy. In November 1901 Frankie was handcuffed to an Oil Tanker in St. Denis during a tense hostage situation where members of Boone's boys tried to have their patriarch free'd from the executioners block. Their negotiations did not go to plan, resulting in a shoot out that destroyed the tanker with Frankie attached to it, causing extensive scarring and burns.



Francesca is a whimsical woman, someone who loves nonsense conversation but keeps a keen eye under the surface. She's naive but hopeful, trying to maintain a balanced outlook.


5'5, pale with light freckles, hazel eyes, and dark brown hair cut short after most was burned away. She has heavy scarring particularly on her left side and face, but all over her body from burns sustained from the oil tanker incident.


Francesca is married to Dallas Wolf. Honey Sparks and Michael Sullivan are her chosen family, having arrived in the crossing together.


  • Frankie and Dallas once owned a security company, Wolf Security, but gave it up when they decided to get married.
  • Frankie was almost killed at the now infamous Pronghorn Ranch Valentines Day shooting, where a group of civilians resisted Del Lobos gang attempt to rob a group in Big Valley.
  • She has a long scar across her left cheek, the result of being kidnapped from the Rhodes' Telegram Station. The kidnapper, a man named Jesse who wanted to remove her organs one by one, was never caught.
  • She spent a long time learning the Crossing, and has an extensive knowledge of most areas, wildlife and pathways, after Michael got them lost multiple times in their first few weeks. She decided to take the weight of navigation responsibility off of him.
  • She became a Ranger in January 1901.
  • She became a deputy in September 1901.


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