Wapiti Tribe

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Wapiti Tribe

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Organization Information
Status Active
Type Tribe
Current Leader(s) Hummingbird Flies By Moon
Location(s) Wapiti Village

Wapiti is one of the tribes indigenous to Saints Crossing, living in East Ambarino in Wapiti Village. Described as "a tribe of many tribes", Wapiti's membership is composed of people with Wapiti heritage as well as those who have undergone the integration process.



Prior to the arrival of European settlers the Wapiti tribe’s territory spanned from central Ambarino to the central Heartlands. Their people left art in many places they hold sacred, including the Elysian Cave, at Window Rock and within Sirens Cave. At an unknown point in history, they met with a group of Phoenician explorers who likely built the statues in the Statue Cave as an homage to the paintings the tribes had made.

Many young braves, chafing under the control of a weak Chief, began to wage war against the oil company. As more braves died and the situation began to spiral out of control the decision was made by tribal elders to send the remaining braves, a handful of elders and all children to Canada, where they set up a sister tribe. Those who remain are mostly those who are too frail to make the journey, elders who would not leave their home behind, and a few braves to protect them.

Major Events

Running Fox was the first to be made Chief following the exodus after being elected unanimously by the other members of Wapiti. During her tenure as Chief the tribe faced great opposition from several gangs, most notably the Kettleman Gang and the Summers Gang. During this time Running Fox defended the village against the gangs, the Cornwall oil company and, on occasion, the Sheriffs Department.

During this time, the members of Wapiti began a project to expand the village, building more tipis, shelters, workshops and a shooting range.

In May 1901 Chief Running Fox left for the Canadian sister tribe. Senior Medic Mato Tahoma was nominated as Chief by Hummingbird Flies By Moon and won by majority vote, and served as Chief until August 1901.

The village renovation finished on September 17, 1901. On the same day Hummingbird Flies By Moon and Itukala Cook began to serve as joint Chiefs, and Hummingbird and their partner Isla White had a wedding ceremony in the middle of the village.

In January 1902, following a stretch of fragile peace, Wapiti was called into war against the Baastards. A war summit betwen To'Pa Ota and Wapiti ended with an agreement to form a small warrior band to fight the Baastards. In the days that followed Chief Hummingbird and the majority of Wapiti members agreed to withdraw from the war, citing concern for the safety of the village and its elders, causing a rift. Itukala stepped down as co-chief in April 1902.

Known Members

  • Chief Tȟanáǧila KiŋyÁŋ Isákhib Haŋhépi Wí (Hummingbird Flies By Moon)
  • Ahnah Adjuk
  • Bright Dawn
  • Henry Gearhardt
  • Isla White
  • Itukala Cook
  • Šuŋgmánitu Tȟáŋka Čhaŋté Gearhardt (Wolf-Heart)
  • Ta'li Koga (Two Crows)
  • Chief Šuŋǧíla Íŋyaŋkapi (Running Fox) (former)
  • Chief Mato Tahoma (former)
  • Igmuṫaƞka (former)
  • Tallulah (inactive)
  • Nascha (inactive)


  • Wapiti Village
  • Cotorra Springs
  • Window Rock
  • Statue Cave


  • Wapiti is a multicultural tribe. Lakota is its primary cultural influence and the language the majority of the elders speak.
  • "Wapiti" is the Shawnee word for "elk".
  • Wapiti's honored dead are traditionally laid to rest in Cotorra Springs. The venerated ground is marked with inukshuks.


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