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Miree Jac'stone

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Biographical Information
Status Alive


Early Life

Miree was born to the Hikachi tribe of the northern mountains, a community known for there bone attire, herbal medical practices, and festivities relating to the flow of energy within nature. Her mother, acted as one of the several tribe seamstresses whilst her father followed the path of an avid hunter for the people. Despite growing up with little contact outside of the boundaries of there land, the tribe had relations within a local mining town. Prior to Miree's birth, an agreement was settled between the Chief council of the tribe and the overruling powers of the town, stating definitive boundaries where mining forces where not allowed to pass into sacred land, in return for outside trade and pelt from the Native people.

This agreement remained for several years before the mining companies begun to run into financial crisis, reaching out for a re-appeal of the boundaries set for the sake of there livelihoods and the income from there labour. Hikachi chief 'Morrow Ki'sharn' refused to allow alterations, which begun a tense cold war between his people and the townsfolk. Before another meeting could be called into action, leaders of the Mining facilities raced into Hikachi lands armed with powerful weaponry, explosives and horseback.

Miree's mother, fearing for her daughters life fled to the river intersecting there land, and cast Miree into it, fleeing just in time to allow her daughter to slip past un-noticed.

Bounty Hunters Guild

After spending several years within the wilds of America, Miree soon became interested in the growth of settlements appearing outside of the boundaries of her 'home', making small conversation with a hunter who offered work. Pelts, meat and carrion was to be provided, and in return she would be given paper money, something to this day she feels no attachment to, or real understanding of.

It was here she became acquainted with a small native female called Mika, who was a member of a Bounty hunter guild within the northern states. After some persuasion, Miree agreed to visit there homestead and was subsequently threatened with gunfire if she did not leave. It was only the word of Mika, and there leader Ken who saved her life, and would eventually become family.

Despite having the protection of her father, sister and the guild brothers, Miree was forced to sit on the side lines for combat training, hunts and guild shooting tournaments. Her fathers forceful, and sometimes abusive nature lead her to find purpose in other routes, with word of medical absences allowing for new members to be trained.

Head Shaman of the Five counties

Beginning as a trainee under the eye of lead doctor Annabelle, Miree quickly rose in the rankings and secured her place as a member of the FTMD in only one week. During her training, several surgeries where conducted including some high end governing bodies, of which survived. Soon, Miree became known for her traditional medical practices using herbal remedies and treatments, with gangs, lawman and working class people beginning to consider her as a figure to protect. This lead to several adoption debates and arguments in later life.

Soon, Miree was placed as the head shaman of the FTMD, and was in charge of teaching traditional native medical treatments to those who wished to follow the same path as herself. During this time, a woman known as Amelia Knightbridge was also promoted, and through several months of contact, became a mothering figure to Miree and her sister. Equally, Miree's life would soon change for the better when a fellow doctor, Astrid Aleksdóttir became a close workplace ally. This lead to greater conversation, and eventual admittance to love, of which they have been together ever since.

Night Surgeon

Her father Ken was killed not too long after her promotion to Lead Shaman, with the news causing great distress to both herself and her sister. As the guild begun to fall apart and the law's attention diverting to other more important needs than petty murderous thieves, a monster arose from the shadows to begin there 'purification' of the lands. The 'Night surgeon' pled to clear the lands of sin, and would 'erase' those who displayed key feats of the seven deadly sins. Sadly, during the kidnapping Amelia, Miree was unable to assist and was struck down with severe injury to her face as well as drug usage.

Once the torture had ended, and both herself and Amelia where discovered by close family friends, Miree was patched up and secured within the local medical facility by Astrid. The events of that night still haunt both Miree and her partner to this day...

Events in Saint's Crossing



Miree is a quiet soul by nature, preferring to simply listen to conversation and settle herself down in a quiet area than to engage with those she does not know. However, this is not always the case, with a stronger and more confident side being displayed if she finds others being mistreated or judged for there appearance. Having grown around criminals, witnessing beheadings, shootings, and stabbings from the guild, and considering many gangs to be close family friends, she is not one to judge quickly.

Her speech patterns are often broken, slow or overall quiet leading many to believe she is more 'childish' in nature, or even uneducated however this is not the case. Despite not knowing how to read or write, it is clear she is more than aware of those around her, as well as medical practices and smaller key facts she holds close to her heart.






  • Miree spends most of her time sitting on rooves of buildings, observing those around her and enjoying the sun.
  • After loosing her left eye to the night surgeon, head tilting is a common way for her to show she is listening, or trying to see more of an individual/ event.
  • She cannot withstand the texture of rice, glue or jam.
  • Her left arm is completely numb, and comes with a hole in her forearm of which she can place a stick, the end of her gun and rope. Astrid finds this disgusting.


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