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'Henderson & Co'

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Organization Information
Status Active
Founded Mid 1900
Founder(s) Captain James Henderson
Current Leader(s) Captain James Henderson
Location(s) Valentine
Headquarters Shipreck Cove
Notable Members
Current Members Captain Lockheart (Temporary), Sven Holmsten (Suspected), First Mate Chester Lavvore, Captain JoJo Henderson
Former Members Pip, Ajani Dante, Dr. Cornelius Orvid, Kuniklo

Henderson & Co is a small gang led by Captain James Henderson.


Major Events
Original Mutiny

Towards the end of 1900, Captain Pip successfully mutinied against Captain James Henderson with the assistance of Jack Kettleman & the Kettleman Group, and the early iteration of the 'Kerrigans'. After forcefully taking Captain Henderson from Valentine with Pip's assistance, Henderson was presented to a group of waiting DeCenzos at O'Creaghs Run. Pip presented Henderson with a black spot drawn on a piece of paper. A was a source of much fear because it meant the pirate was to be deposed as leader, by force if necessary, or else killed outright.

Pip attempted to execute Henderson by shooting him once through the front right portion of the brain & using a hatchet on the downed Captain once. This led to Henderson being taken to medical offices in a critically endangered state, requiring multiple surgeries in the St. Denis Theatre before eventually ending up deposed in a coma for nine months.

Ajani Dante, now a First Mate within the group was told of the mutiny after the fact by Pip, who became 'Captain Pip' at the point of Black Spot transfer and was released from his obligations made to the DeCenzos by Henderson on his behalf, effectively cancelling his debt for participation in the war against the DeCenzos. He then proceeded to become a member of the Kettleman Group, effectively ending Henderson & Co until he awoke from the medically induced coma nine months later.

Reforming the group

Captain Henderson was believed to be dead by the majority of the Crossing, his location kept a tightly guarded secret by members of the Medical Office. Upon waking up, Henderson was tended to by Mato wherein he tried to keep a low profile to remain 'dead'.

This time was originally used to put out feelers to old groups as a new crew was formed, reviving 'Henderson & Co' for a second time.

Known Members

Captain JoJo Henderson - Active Captain Lockheart - Temporary, as he actively seeks too acquire his own crew for 'The Black Mermaid' Sven Holmsten - Suspected First Mate Chester Lavorre - Status Unknown


The group is primarily based in Valentine.


  • Despite claiming to be a 'crew', they are normally arrested doing separate criminal acts of their own accord. Only on a few occasions has the group fully formed to attempt a major criminal task, such as a bank robbery or a kidnapping, without outside support.
  • The Crew is split along several moral ideologies, some argue that a good moral code should somewhat be adhered to, whereas others advocate that 'As long as the pay is good, we should do it'.
  • Under the crews first iteration, members were actively encouraged to snitch on other groups to reduce financial penalties/jail time, something that eventually instigated the original mutiny. It is unknown whether this is still the case.


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