Grays of Caliga Hall

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Grays of Caliga Hall

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Organization Information
Status Defunct
Type Gang
Founder(s) Mhairi Gray
Headquarters Caliga Hall (formerly)
Alliances Pale Panthers, Del Lobos, Taipan, Rhodes

The Grays of Caliga Hall were a crime family based in Rhodes, whose criminal activity spanned through Lemoyne.



The Grays were one of the original founding families of Rhodes. Hailing from the village of Houston in Scotland, they were wealthy when they came to Saints Crossing and their power and influence quickly spread when they set up their estate in Lemoyne. On paper their primary business were farming and distributing wheat, corn and tobacco. Some time in the 1870s the family began to shift their focus to moonshining and racketeering under Julian Gray I and his wife Iona. Most of the files from those days have been expunged or censored, and what little information that was left was never enough for the SCSD to make any major arrests with. There are rumors that the family was buying off a corrupt Sheriff, but this was never proven.

After the death of Julian I in 1892, the business was passed to his oldest son Julian II. Shortly thereafter the family fortune began to rapidly decline due to bad deals and excessive, extravagant expenditures. In 1899 Julian II and his wife Helen declared bankruptcy and disappeared, leaving behind four adult children - Julian III "July", Alistair II, Bonnie and Houston.

Major Events

In November 1900 Teddy, Paul, July, Alistair II and Bonnie returned to Saints Crossing to take control of the failed business, joining Houston who had stayed at Caliga Hall. They began a moonshine operation and worked with other Crossing gangs, finding employment as security.

On January 26th, 1901, Houston Gray was murdered by the Cut. July and Bonnie, the only family members left in the Crossing, left Caliga Hall behind and joined with the Pale Panthers and Del Lobos out West to aid in their war against the Cut. The family finally disbanded when July was arrested and sent to Sisika for his involvement in the war.

Known Members

Julian II: Oldest son of Julian I and Iona, husband of Helen Adler, father of Julian “July” III, Alistair II, Bonnie, and Houston. The epitome of American aristocrat, he was known for his natural charisma and rarely had to work hard to get what he wanted. He spent most of his time out of the Crossing with Helen on “business”, leaving the children to be raised by tutors and servants. Was mostly seen publicly with July, and occasionally Alistair. After taking control of the family business he used almost all the family fortune to fund an extravagant lifestyle, and in the process irreparably tarnished the family name and destroyed the business. He and Helen have disappeared.

Helen Gray: Wife of Julian II, relative of the Adlers of Adler Ranch. Helen was famous in Rhodes for her lavish Christmas parties. Spent most of the year out of Saints Crossing with her husband. She was known to “forget” that she had twins. Sisika records state that a Helen Adler served a brief sentence for aiding and abetting but was given compassionate release. Has since disappeared.

Theodore “Teddy” Gray: Second child of Julian I and Iona and the “odd child” of the family, Teddy spent most of his life in solitude, hunting for alligators and panthers in the bayou. Mastered the art of alcohol distillation by the age of fifteen. He lived for some time in Scotland with extended family, helping set up Gray's Distillery in their home village of Houston. He was always viewed with suspicion by his family due to his fondness of the occult. He was last seen boarding a train to New York.

Mary Jane “MJ” Macfarlane: Third child and oldest daughter of Julian I and Iona, mother of Theodor Macfarlane and Rosemary Kerrigan-Macfarlane. Originally tended to the horses at Caliga Hall, but was married off at nineteen to Hamish Macfarlane to build a better business relationship. In October 1900 MJ suffered an injury that caused total memory loss and remained unaware of her family ties until she was found by some Grays. Theodor, having been taken away by Hamish as a baby, came back in late 1901 to meet her. In that same year Mary-Jane met a man named Boyd Kerrigan and the two had a casual ‘relationship’. This caused her second pregnancy, but she only realised the fact shortly after Boyd’s death. Their daughter Rosemary was born late January 1902. Now Mary-Jane continues to take care of the ranch, tend to the Western train line, and dote on her two children.

Pauline “Paul” Gray: Youngest daughter of Julian I and Iona, left the Crossing at eighteen to attend culinary school and now owns “Lagras”, a successful Cajun restaurant in New York City.

Julian “July” Gray III: The oldest son of Julian Gray II and older brother of Alistair, Bonnie, Houston, and older half-brother to August. July was groomed from a young age to inherit the Gray family fortune, and on the surface was a natural American aristocrat and foil to his father, but it was easy to tell that there was something wrong with him. By the time he was 20 he was responsible, either directly or indirectly, for five known deaths, including the murder of Olsham Braithwaite, and following conspiracies that he was looking to kill his parents they sent him to Chicago. He returned to Saints Crossing in November 1900 to re-establish their ancestral foothold in Rhodes. Following the murder of his younger brother Houston by The Cut, July joined up with Del Lobos and declared war. He served a lengthy Sisika sentence due to his actions during the war and began working for Taipan Industries upon release. He has since disappeared without a trace. Perfected the "Caliga Necktie" - the act of strangling someone with the wheel of the Rhodes wool mill.

Alistair Gray II: Second son of Julian II and Helen, he grew up at Caliga Hall and attended Harvard University where he studied law and economics. He returned to Saints Crossing in 1900 to take over the family’s finances. On a trip to New York over Christmas he was apprehended by local law enforcement and sent to Sing Sing for money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, and solicitation of murder. He was released in January 1902 and has taken residence at Macfarlane Ranch.

Bonnie Gray: Third child and only daughter of Julian II and Helen, Houston's twin, she was sent to Edinburgh Academy for Wayward Girls in May 1891, a week after the mysterious death of Arthur Braithwaite. Returned to Saints Crossing in November 1900. Records state that she was suspected of several counts of moonshining, assault & battery, and participation in group violence between November 1900 and April 1901, but no charges were ever laid. She is known to have worked security for several notorious criminals. She joined up with Del Lobos alongside July shortly after Houston’s death, and after the war she continued the family tradition of moonshining and petty crime. After being arrested and charged in July 1901, she turned over a new leaf and now works as a doctor for the Saints Crossing Department of Health.

Houston Gray: Youngest child of Julian II and Helen, Bonnie's twin, he grew up at Caliga Hall and ran moonshine from his early teens. When July took the mantle he was placed in charge of the illegal practices of the family business. He served cell time but never went to Sisika. On January 26, 1901, he was found dead in the Saint Denis medical office, having bled out from a stab wound. Friction between The Cut and the Grays was well-known and documented by the SCSD. Solomon Walker had threatened to kill Houston the night before and one of his men was seen carrying an injured man through the streets of Saint Denis on the night of Houston’s death. As of December 1901, Houston’s murderer has yet to officially be brought to justice.

August Gray: Bastard child of Julian II and Selena Graham, and half brother to Julian “July” Gray III, Alistair II, Bonnie and Houston. He was originally August Graham, but Julian decided to legitimize him for tax purposes and regularly hosted August and his mother at Caliga Hall once every couple years to work and know his father. On his fourteenth birthday, just weeks after his mother passed, he was sent to an academy and never heard back from Julian Gray. After his eighteenth birthday the academy stopped receiving payment and could no longer host him. With nowhere else to go, he decided to come back to the Crossing and get in touch with his family.

Abraham Gray: Only son of Isaac Gray & Beatrice Agnew, husband & father to none. Rumors have that he has a mistress & illegitimate heirs, but he starkly denies these claims to the public. Served as Overseer of the tobacco fields until his departure from Caliga Hall in 1875. Rumored to be harsh & cruel to tobacco thieves & Braithwaite's alike, charges of accessory to extortion, torture, & murder of the second degree were investigated, but none were filed. Rumors circulated that he left Caliga Hall due to his resentment towards Julian Gray I & his methods of business, getting into an extremely heated argument with him. He departed shortly thereafter for Virginia, where he founded & has operated a successful tobacco farm of his own since 1876. At the behest of the Blakewells Abraham has returned to the Crossing.

Vixon Gray: Oldest son of Alistair I and Alistair Macleod. Known to have several extramarital affairs but largely another one of those weird rich people shut ins. Married to a woman named Amy Winston who died of consumption in 1900.

Cassidy Gray: Second son of Alistair I and Alice Macleod. An avid criminal from an early age, his crime spree was cut short on his sixteenth birthday following a failed robbery of Braithwaite Manor, which ended in him being tossed into a wagon and sent to join the army. Years later he returned and after an argument with his father, stole several family heirlooms and convinced Darius to follow him. Joined the Texas Rangers and served for eight years. Has recently returned to the Crossing, and has officially transferred to the Saints Crossing Sheriffs Department.

Darius Gray: Third son of Alistair I and Alice Macleod. Served for eight years as a Texas Ranger alongside his older brother Cassidy, and has recently returned to the Crossing.

Ishmael Gray: son of Vixon Gray. Worked as a farm hand at Caliga Hall. Died in March 1902 in a bar fight.

Mortimer Blakewell: Family friend and long-time employee of the Gray estate. The Blakewell family were all employed by the Grays as everything from butlers to lawyers to moonshine runners. Mortimer has a long rap sheet including murder, arson, kidnapping, extortion, and assault & battery, as do many other members of his family. An 1898 report from a Deputy Vera Colt speculated that the Blakewells were taking the fall for crimes committed by the Grays. Deputy Colt’s obituary was dated a week after this report was made.



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