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Bolton Groves, LLC

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Organization Information
Status Active
Founded 1723
Founder(s) Silas Bolton
Current Leader(s) Vernon Bolton
Location(s) Saint Denis, Leymone
Headquarters Kissimmee, FL
Alliances None known
Affiliation(s) Citrus Exporters of FL
Notable Members
Current Members Burt Bolton

Harnessing the Power of the Land and the Lightning: Bolton Groves Delivers Quality Produce with Industrial Efficiency. Bolton Groves utilizes state of the art ice refrigerated train cars to ship their flavorful navel oranges all over the country from beautiful, sunny, Kissimmee, FL.



Starting as a humble homestead in the early 1700's in the swamps near Kissimmee, the Bolton's turned a small outcropping of orange trees into a grove that sustained the family for centuries to come. Originally founded by Silas Bolton, the Bolton Groves expanded into other land and became a well known name in Florida for fresh, flavorful, oranges.

Major Events

The tycoon Henry Flagler expanded his railroad down the coast of Florida, enabling farms and businesses a new life-line to the rest of the country to sell their wares. With all of the Bolton's family money tied up in newly industrialized farming using electricity and modern technologies to bring the nation the freshest navel oranges known to man, the family set out to make new accounts in the West, now reaching Saint's Crossing.

Known Members

Burt Bolton - Sales/New Accounts - Saint Crossing



  • Fact: There is word around that the southern agriculture export business is secretly run by a group calling themselves the Citrus Syndicate.

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