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Shawn Maple is a Senior Deputy of Strawberry and a member of the Saint's Crossing Sheriff's Department.

Shawn Maple


Shawn Maple's standard attire
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Nickname(s) Syrup
Nationality/Ethnicity Canadian
Gender Male
Title Senior Deputy
Occupation Lawman
Affiliation(s) Saint's Crossing Sheriff's Department
Relatives Donna (mother), George (father), Fredrick (younger brother)
Date of Birth February 28, 1879
Age 22
Place of Birth Manitoba, Canada
Significant Other Maisie Briar(deceased)
Horse Flapjacks, Pancakes, Hudson, Fennel
Portrayed By Silbullet


Early Life

Prior to moving to the Crossing, Maple pursued a career as a Mountie. After serving some time as a cadet, he however chose to leave Canada. He moved to America, however his philosophy of wanting to help those that can't help themselves remained.



Shawn Maple is an honest and straightforward individual. He uses his honesty and willingness to listen to criminals to get them to open up to him and trust him in many cases. He can often be found in the office of Blackwater working on paperwork. He prefers to help fellow officers and keep paperwork as clean and organized as possible. However, when there is no paperwork to work on he can be found pacing near the tip line. He can be impatient and bossy on occasion which has led him to be more careful and allow his fellow officers a chance to step up as well.


Dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a shaven face. When on duty he sports a white mountie hat. The rest of his attire includes a plaid shirt, red suspenders, and a gun holster.

During the winter months of November and December, he lets his beard grow freely, rarely trimming it. He also dons his red wool coat.


Maple was dating Sheriff Briar, however, she was murdered by Austin Grant. During his grieving process, he placed the ring he had set aside for his future proposal to her into her hand. Briar was buried with it and Maple now refers to Maisie as his fiancé, deeming that she will always hold a huge part of his heart.


  • Maple refers to his preferred clothing style as "Maple's Staples".
  • Maple likes to name his possessions in a similar vein to his last name. His horses are named Flapjacks and Butter, while his guns are Maple's Sugar and Maple's Syrup.
  • One of Maple's quirks is that he only eats his stew if it has exactly 20 beans. He also saves his beans for last. His significant other is aware of this quirk and will go out of her way to pick out extra beans to make sure it's only 20.


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