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Pavus served as a peace officer of the SCSD.

Doreen Pavus-Malone

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Doreen Pavus-Malone, Armadillo 1901
Biographical Information
Full Name Doreen Adrasteia Pavus-Malone
Status Alive
Alias Doreen
Nickname(s) Pavus, Pav
Nationality/Ethnicity American
Gender Female
Title Deputy, Senior Deputy
Occupation Lawman
Affiliation(s) Saints Crossing Sheriffs Department
Relatives 5 older brothers, mother, father
Date of Birth August 11th 1873
Age 27
Place of Birth Nevada City, California
Significant Other Marty Malone
Horse Darlin (Silver Black Turkoman), Mare/Danger Mullet (Silver Buckskin Brindle Missouri Fox Trotter), Veritas (Rose Grey Arabian), Konstandina (Bay Turkoman), Braccas (Bay Tovero Cob), Aspen (Silver Turkoman), Ventus (Reverse Dapple Roan Nokota), Amerigo (Black Turkoman)
Portrayed By DangitLacie


Early Life

Growing up on a large ranch in Nevada City, California, Doreen is no stranger to living on the range in the middle of nowhere and thus has grown up with a number of skills including hunting, fishing, survival skills and lesser known, field medicine.

Events in Saint's Crossing



Strong, fortified walls that encompass an actual softie.


Practical buckaroo style wear that's usually within a neutral color palette to keep things smart and simple.


Doreen had previously been engaged before coming to the crossing. For a REASON, which remains known so far to only one person in the Crossing, she has so far only shown romantic interest in one person and is currently in a relationship with them.


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