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Elizabeth Moretti née Butcher, commonly known as Betty was the wife of Amadeo Moretti and Principle of M.I.L.F.E.

Betty Moretti

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Betty knitting a pair of pig wool socks
Biographical Information
Full Name Elizabeth Pearl Moretti
Status Deceased
Nickname(s) The Butcher
Nationality/Ethnicity American
Gender Female
Title Principle
Occupation Principle of M.I.L.F.E, Barmaid at the Blue Pearl (formerly)
Affiliation(s) The Morettis
Relatives Gideon Butcher (brother)
Date of Birth November 1st, 1878 (estimated)
Age 23
Place of Birth Butcher Creek
Significant Other Amadeo Moretti
Horse Pork Chop (Morgan), Jerky (Breton), Gabby (Arabian)
Portrayed By Tasara22
Death Certificate
Date of Death January 29th, 1902
Cause of Death Murdered by Lennart Hellström
Place of Death Just outside Valentine
Burial Site Butcher Creek


Early Life

Betty grew up in Butcher Creek to the upper hill Butchers (not to be confused with the lower hill Butchers) where she spent her life fishing, darning and whiling away the long days. Caring for her sick mother and alcoholic father took up much of what was left of her time with little help from her brother Gideon, much to Betty's consternation. While fishing one day Betty met Edwin Braithwaite. Unlike many other outsiders, Edwin stayed to speak with Betty and returned time and again. The two formed a friendship and the young and isolated Betty quickly developed feelings for the strange and interesting young man from the outside world who showed her the attention she lacked in her life. Edwin would sit and read the bible with Betty, teaching her to read in the process and would go on to buy Betty her first pair of shoes and a horse which she named Jerky. Edwin confided in her that he was hiding out near the Creek as he was wanted by the law and there was a good chance that one day he would be held accountable for his crimes and face execution. Betty's fears of losing her new and only friend came to fruition when Edwin failed to return and she returned to her days of housework, fishing and sitting on her porch, watching the goings on of the residents of the Creek and the passing of the train that brought with it the hints of the outside world that she longed to see.

After a series of thefts in the Creek which had seen to much of her stores of food and many of her personal items being stolen, Betty decided to head for the nearby mining town of Annesburg to report the crimes. Just outside of town Betty was viciously attacked by a cougar and though surviving the attack she fell unconscious shortly after. When Betty awoke she found herself looking up at the face of who she believed to be an angel. It would transpire that this "angel" was in fact one Amadeo Moretti who had found and saved her and it was not in heaven that she lay but the city of Saint Denis. What could have been a tragic day in the life of Elizabeth Butcher turned out to be one that would change her life forever.

Events in Saint's Crossing

Where is Home for You?

Betty and Amadeo's relationship would continue to grow with Amadeo visiting Betty often after their first encounter and it was clear that the two shared affections for each other. As the pair were making their tentative first steps in courting, a man that had hitherto been believed dead would re-appear in Betty's life. Edwin had not in fact been executed as Betty had come to believe. As Betty and Edwin caught up, the differences between Edwin, who wished for her to remain the caged bird in Butcher Creek forever and Amadeo who encouraged her to spread her wings and fly would slowly become apparent to Betty.

Not long after, Betty's mother would die of her ongoing illness and with her father mostly drunk or absent Betty saw little left holding her to the Creek. With Amadeo's encouragement she made her way to Saint Denis to start her new life. Amadeo helped Betty during her early days in the city and arranged for a job for her working in the Blue Pearl which was run by his close friend Perlie Duckworth. Initially distrustful and wary of Betty due to the stereotypes of those from Butcher Creek, Perlie would soon grow fond of Betty who would begin to look to Perlie not only as a boss but a father figure of sorts. Edwin and Betty would again meet within the city where Betty would see a different side to her friend, one that was cruel and far removed from the kind young man she had known in the Creek. Not long after this troubling encounter, Betty would learn of Edwin's death for the second time in her life.

It soon became apparent to Betty that Amadeo was more than just the businessman that he had initially portrayed himself as, though a life in Butcher Creek had taught her not to ask questions when it came to some of the more illegal activities that those around her engaged in. Betty would go on to see the DiCenzo mansion and meet many others of the family including the DiCenzo brothers themselves. The life she now found herself in was very far removed from the one she had led before.

After many months within the city, Betty had settled into her new life, becoming a regular and well known performer at the Artist's Guild or places such as the Casino boat. She had made friends within the city and the DiCenzos had for the most part begun to accept her. Despite the unwanted attentions of a number of less reputable individuals, Betty's new life was a happy one and with Amadeo's proposal she looked forward to soon being able to call herself Betty Moretti.

Life however would put a halt to those dreams as Amadeo and the DiCenzos found themselves embroiled in a war. The wedding was put on hold and for her own safety, Betty was hidden away back in Butcher Creek. With a promise to see her soon, Amadeo left her in the childhood home she had thought left behind along with its lonely memories. Wars would end and start again and Betty would find herself thrown back and forth between the two worlds with little of the actual reason for her isolation shared with her despite warnings of danger and promises of return.

The new life Betty had embarked upon with all its hope and promise seemed so far away from the creek and as fears of abandonment began to take hold, Amadeo would return with news that the war was over and a plan he had for their future together.

Some Are Cursed and Others Yet Artists

Amadeo expressed his desires for the couple to settle within the recently vacant Braithwaite manor and to Betty's surprise, Introduced her to the inner working's of the family, bringing her on board so that she would never again feel set aside and abandoned. It would transpire that the Braithwaite manor was not as vacant as had been presumed and once again Betty would cross paths with the titular Edwin Braithwaite while touring the grounds. Though their reunion, the first since Betty had learnt of his supposed death and resurrection was at first fraught with tension, the two would reconcile. Betty revealed her plans to turn the manor into a school for the residents of the crossing in memory of the roll Edwin had played in teaching her to read. Edwin gave her his support and the two agreed to a formal meeting between herself, Amadeo and Edwin's friends, The Dead End Kidz who had also taken up residence within the manor.

This meeting however would not go as amicably, with the Dead End Kidz demanding a cut of the schools profits and refusing to let the couple live within the manor. Angered by the demands, Betty and Amadeo turned their back on the manor and set their sights elsewhere. The changing tides of Edwin's moods would see him attempt to entice Betty back to the manor with a new offer and yet not days later once again go back on his word. Following a heated argument where words were exchanged between the two, Betty turned her back on Edwin and the manor for good. With her mind set upon the opening of a school within the crossing, she turned her attention to Valentine church.

Betty would spend many weeks organising the opening of the school, enlisting many students and bringing on board a number of teachers, including Sunday school teacher Mrs Goose as head teacher. The Moretti Institute for Learning and Further Education formerly opened its doors in late September of 1901 to great success. Education had come to the Crossing and with it a new chapter in now Principle Butcher's life.

Lacerations on the Soul

Over the following weeks the School would see great success with a number of students becoming regular attendees and its faculty growing with each session. As word of the school spread across the Crossing, more teachers and more students would come forward, eager to learn or teach others. One such individual would be one who had a habit of appearing time and again in Betty's life, Edwin Braithwaite. Edwin, perhaps feeling guilt over their last interaction, perhaps seeking a way to stay within Betty's life or perhaps simply seeking to fuel his own ego approached Betty with a desire to teach within the new school. Despite her reservations, Betty would accept and Professor Braithwaite would become the newest member of the MILFE faculty. Betty's gullible nature and soft spot for Edwin would catch up with her once more and Betty would eventually be forced to fire Edwin after his kidnapping of Juniper Ripley, one of the school's top students.

After a many months long engagement, Betty and Amadeo would finally be wed on the grounds of Caliga Hall with a large number of family and friends in attendance. Betty Butcher was now Mrs Betty Moretti, school principle and wife to one of the crossing's most influential and wealthy men. Her life had come a long way from that of the poor Butcher Creek girl who faced the daily prospects of starvation and sickness.

As the now Mr and Mrs Moretti enjoyed married life, they set out to pave a place in the world for themselves. Amadeo would announce his plans to start his own family, still strongly connected to, yet separate from the DiCenzo family and with Amadeo at its head and Betty at his side. With the fortunes of the Morettis on the rise, they would set their eyes upon the long vacant Mayor's Mansion which would become Betty and Amadeo's new home. Betty could never have imagined that one day her life would see such prosperity. Betty wanted for nothing and was happier than she had ever been before.

As her home life was on the rise, things were not going so well however with her career. Her connections with Amadeo and the Dicenzos had caught the eye of the law which would begin looking into the school, suspecting it to be a front. At the same time, Betty's fondness for Edwin would see her re-hiring him once again. This controversial decision would lead to Mrs Goose suffering a heart attack in shock having previously been attacked by Edwin and many students making the decision to leave. Despite her best efforts to save the school, Mrs Goose's murder shortly after recovering from her coma would spell the death of the school and Betty would be forced to close its doors once and for all.

With the school closed and amidst frustrations at feeling left out of parts of Amadeo's life, Betty would become drawn in closer to the inner workings and more criminal aspects of the family's business. Betty would begin accompanying the other members of the Moretti family on business outings and occasionally representing them at the eastern business council. Seeking to contribute more to the family and eager to prove her worth since the closing of the school, Betty set her eyes on a number of business ventures, the most promising of which was to be a weekly bingo night.

Betty's plans would be tragically cut short upon an encounter with a Mr Lennart Hellström in the hours before her first Bingo night was due to commence. Unbeknownst to Betty, Lennart had been previously attacked and robbed by the Morettis after having caused problems during one of their weekly fight nights in the Lion's Den. Lennart, a severely unhinged individual would catch up to Betty on the road from Valentine. From there she would be taken into the woods against her will and hogtied. Lennart's worrying mental state would soon become apparent to the terrified Betty as he explained the reasoning for her captivity and revelled in explaining his plans for her in revenge for Amadeo's actions. As Lennart guided Betty deeper into the woods at gunpoint, the sound of gunfire would cause a momentary distraction. Seeking her chance Betty fled towards the gunshots and her potential saviours. Her hopes would be dashed as the relentless Lennart dispatched of the two would be heroes. Betty ran for her very life with arrow and bullet striking her again and again. Despite her determination to escape and see Amadeo and her friends and found family once more, the crazed Lennart would prove as inescapable as fate itself. Betty's life would come to a tragic end in the woods just outside Valentine, her body riddled with arrows and bullets.



Betty was a generally friendly and happy person with a penchant for superstitious beliefs. Having spent much of her life in Butcher Creek her manners could come across as unrefined to some but most people who got to know her soon learnt that she had a kind and honest soul.


Betty had green eyes and blonde hair often tied into a side ponytail or pigtails. After moving to Saint Denis she became something of a fashion enthusiast with a number of outfits for different occasions. Betty favoured skirts and dresses over trousers and would comment on how strange trousers felt when wearing them.

  • Amadeo Moretti - Betty was married to Amadeo Moretti. The two first met when Amadeo saved her from a viscous cougar attack, sacrificing his newly acquired box in the process. Amadeo quickly became smitten with the young woman from Butcher Creek and encouraged her to make her own way in the world, helping her as she began her new life outside of the Creek. For much of their early relationship Amadeo kept his criminal activities hidden from Betty, though eventually let her in on the truth, no longer wishing to keep her out of the loop.
  • Perlie Duckworth - Perlie was Betty's former boss at the Blue Pearl who grew to be a close friend and father figure to Betty. Perlie was very supportive and protective of Betty.
  • Edwin Braithwaite - Betty and Edwin had a tumultuous relationship. Edwin was Betty's first friend who treated her kindly during the early days of their relationship. Betty soon learned that Edwin wished to keep her naive and confined in the Creek, discouraging any desires she showed to improve herself and see the world. When Betty ignored his advice and started her new life in the city, a different side of Edwin would appear that was crueller and more malicious than the one she had previously known. Their relationship would continue to deteriorate over the months, with Betty twice believing him dead, even attending his funeral, and twice finding out this was not the case. Betty and Edwin would become involved in a series of negotiations for the use of Braithwaite Manor that at first would see them coming close to rekindling their former friendship and end in a bitter argument between the pair. Edwin would come to learn that the innocent young woman he had once known at Butcher Creek had grown into an intelligent and strong willed woman who was more than a match for him.
  • Gideon Butcher - Gideon was Betty's brother. Betty and Gideon would often tease each other and despite Betty's constant frustration at Gideon's laziness and drinking habits, she cared deeply for him, often acting more as a mother than a sister to him. Betty encouraged Gideon to help her in her ventures, so that he too could free himself from the poverty of Butcher Creek like she herself had done.


  • Betty believed to have once seen the Devil while walking home. Unbeknownst to her this was actually Gavin Summers shortly after having been released from Sisika Penitentiary.
  • Betty owned a lucky bird. The waxwing survived a house which was struck by lightning. Seeing how lucky the bird must be, she immediately shot and killed it and continued to keep it on her person for good luck.
  • Betty was a talented musician and singer, often performing at the Artist's Guild.
  • Betty once took down the Wallaby Kid in disguise with nothing but a cleaver.
  • Betty was an avid train enthusiast often seen riding the trains and questioning the conductors on the specifics of the locomotive and its wagons.
  • Betty attended etiquette school for one day while visiting Amadeo's family in New York but was forced to leave after punching her teacher in the face.
  • Betty owned a pet pig named Hamadeo



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