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Player Information
Player Name/Handle Tasara
Stream Link tasara22
Twitter tasara22
Characters Played Agnes Dunwell, Angela Payne, Elizabeth Moretti, Jane Ripley, Jasmine Baro, Katrina Moysov, Mary Dalloway, Persephone Sacdecash, Precious Cargo, Chilali, Cuthbert Mangrovian, Delores Pintado, Dowanhowee, Drusilla Mauretonia, Emma-Lee Strawberry, Gertrude Nelson, Luella Huneke, Mercy Porter, Milena Floarea, Monica Peach, Oneida Zonta, Verna Temples, Virginia Briscoe, Wendy Wallace

Tasara is a player and streamer on WildRP.


Agnes Dunwell - A geologist for the United States Geological Survey who came to the Crossing under contract from the SCTA

Angela Payne - A Prison Guard in Sisika Penitentiary with a twisted zeal for her job

Chilali - A Native woman, cursed to speak only in prophecy since she was struck by lightening

Cuthbert Mangrovian - A rough and braggadocios, swashbuckling pirate

Delores Pintado - A highway bandit and ex pirate who steals hearts and wallets in equal measure

Dowanhowee - A member of the Wapiti Tribe and wife of chief Mato Tahoma

Drusilla Mauretonia - A beloved proprietor of the Rhodes and Tumbleweed general stores

Elizabeth Moretti - A Saint Denis mob wife and school principle who started her life in Butcher Creek

Emma-Lee Strawberry - A socialite, Big Valley girl and one of the Strawberry sisters

Gertrude Nelson - A sheriff of Saint's Crossing who did her best to maintain order in a chaotic world

Jane Ripley - A tenacious detective within the SCSD who left New York on the heels of scandal

Jasmine Baro - A member of the Guarman Militia and priestess of La Madre

Katrina Moysov - A Prison Guard in Sisika Penitentiary who left her motherland of Russia to escape the pervasive famines

Mary Dalloway - A deputy within the SCSD who's struggles with navigating human interactions has led to her study of human behaviour

Mercy Porter - A prickly Taxidermist who takes a strange passion in her work

Milena Floarea - A traveller from Eastern Europe who provides curses and prophecies in equal measure

Monica Peach - A gunslinger and travelling bard for hire

Oneida Zonta - An isolate who lives within Tall Trees and stands as protector of the wild life within

Persephone Sacdecash - A Dowager and heiress to her late husband, Duke Feising of Devonshire's fortune

Precious Cargo - A con-artist and criminal with a flair for the dramatic

Verna Temples - A caregiver for the elderly Aunty Eloise Braithwaite with a secret

Virginia Briscoe - A Sisika Guard with a novel approach to reformation

Wendy Wallace - A friendly Minnesotan who runs the Colter lodge