Lennart Hellström

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Lennart Hellström is a (Hunter, criminal and ranch hand.) Works alone or in company with King Gibbs mostly.

Lennart Hellström

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Biographical Information
Full Name ()
Status Alive
Alias Leafblowin' Dan
Nickname(s) Lenny
Nationality/Ethnicity Swedish
Gender Male
Occupation Ranch hand, hunter and criminal
Affiliation(s) King Gibbs
Relatives Ivar Hellström
Date of Birth 1882-??-??
Age 19
Place of Birth lappland, Sweden.
Horse Tyr
Portrayed By Mo1taz


Early Life

Lennart Hellström was born in Lappland, Sweden, and immigrated to the United States with his family when he was around six years old. His father was a miner, and the family eventually settled in Minnesota, where they hoped to build a new life. Lennart's childhood was difficult, as the family struggled to make ends meet. He had to work odd jobs from an early age to help support his family, often doing backbreaking work for very little pay.

Despite the hardships, Lennart was a bright and curious child, with a deep love of nature and the outdoors. He spent as much time as he could exploring the forests and fields around his home, teaching himself about the plants and animals he encountered. He also became an avid reader, devouring every book he could get his hands on, from adventure stories to scientific treatises.

As he grew older, Lennart's interests turned to hunting and trapping, and he became known for his skill and expertise in the field. He learned a great deal from the local Native American tribes, including the Omahaw, who taught him their traditional hunting techniques and shared their knowledge of the natural world with him. Lennart came to deeply respect the Omahaw and their way of life, and he vowed to someday pay tribute to them for all they had taught him.

When Lennart was 16 years old, he and his dear Native American friend Adahey started their journey to explore the wilderness beyond the town's borders. Lennart eagerly accepted the offer and set off with Adahey on a journey that would change his life forever.

The journey was difficult, with many challenges and obstacles to overcome. But Lennart was determined to see it through, and he found himself growing more and more enamored with the natural beauty and freedom of the wild. Adahey was a skilled guide and hunter, and he taught Lennart many valuable lessons about surviving in the wilderness.

Tragically, Adahey died during the journey, leaving Lennart alone and grieving. Lennart was devastated by the loss of his friend and guide, but he also felt a deep sense of reverence for Adahey and the wisdom he had shared. In his honor, Lennart vowed to pay tribute to the Omahaw, the native people Adahey had belonged to, and to continue exploring the wilds of the world. It was this vow that led him to eventually arrive at the Crossing, where he would become an integral part of the community.

Saint's Crossing, freedom ain't free

Lennart Hellström is a man with a dark past, plagued by a duality that he cannot escape. His alter ego, Dan, is a manifestation of his anger and hate, and has led Lennart down a path of crime and violence. Along with his partner and friend King "Ratchet" Gibbs, Lennart has committed countless acts of brutality, reveling in the pain and suffering of others.

Their exploits have put them in conflict with both the law and other criminal organizations, and they have had to fight their way out of dangerous situations time and time again. But Lennart and Dan always seem to find a way out, driven by a fierce determination to survive and thrive no matter what.

Unfortunately, Lennart's violent tendencies have led to the death of innocent people, including ######, whom Lennart killed in a fit of rage. This act has haunted him ever since, and he struggles to come to terms with the damage he has caused.

In the midst of all this darkness, there is a glimmer of something more poetic and romantic. Lennart has a talent for writing, and he has been known to send poems to the law, taunting them with his literary prowess. And then there is the moonshine, a potent and dangerous elixir that Lennart and King have perfected over the years.

Before the criminal life

Before embarking on a life of crime, Lennart faced numerous challenges and struggles in trying to settle down and make a living. Despite initially heading towards Valentine, a town renowned for its opportunities, Lennart found it difficult to find work and support himself. He largely kept to himself, relying on his hunting and exploration skills to sustain himself. It wasn't until he met Philo McGee, a respected cattle rancher and mentor, that Lennart began to learn valuable skills and establish connections.

Under Philo's guidance, Lennart gained valuable experience in handling and herding cattle, as well as developing a deeper understanding of honesty and integrity. Despite the eventual fading of their relationship, Philo's influence stayed with Lennart and helped to shape his worldview. Lennart's growing network eventually led him to meet King Gibbs, a quiet and collected man who became Lennart's closest friend. Though Gibbs was quite different from Lennart in many respects, the two men bonded over their shared experiences of loneliness and isolation.

Eventually, Lennart moved onto Gibbs' small boat, which he affectionately referred to as "the castle on the ocean." This boat served as Lennart's home, and allowed him to establish a sense of stability and belonging that had been lacking in his life. While Lennart's journey prior to becoming a criminal was marked by hardships and challenges, it also provided him with valuable life experiences and friendships that would serve him well in his future endeavors.

Lennart gets lost




Lenny, or Lennart, is known to have a bit of a temper and is prone to getting into fights. However, he also has a softer side, as evidenced by his fondness for writing poetry. He can be charming and personable, but also has a darker side that comes out when he is pushed too far. He is fiercely loyal to his friend and partner in crime, King Gibbs, and has been known to use violence to protect him.

Dan, on the other hand, is Lenny's alter ego, the personification of his rage and hatred. Dan is a violent and sadistic criminal who takes pleasure in hurting and killing others. He has no empathy or remorse, and enjoys causing pain and suffering. Dan is a danger to those around him, and even King Gibbs is afraid to cross him. Dan's actions have led to many people being hurt or killed.


Lennart's appearance suggests a rugged, outdoor lifestyle. He has a scar on his left cheek that looks old, which hints at a past filled with danger and violence. His golden blond hair, like that of the Norse goddess Freja, has been cut short to conceal his identity as a criminal. His piercing blue eyes are like the wildest of rivers and oceans, reflecting a fierce and determined personality. He often carries a bow or rifle on his back, a revolver on his hip, and a gun belt adorned with runes. His well-worn hat, which he made himself using adahay, is never far from him and serves as a symbol of his tenacity in battle.


King Gibbs/Ratchet (business partner and friend) Dan (alter ego and criminal persona)


  • Fact 1 Lennart is a skilled hunter, and is known for being able to take down a badger from 330 feet away with his bow and arrow. He often salts the story and adds embellishments, such as doing it during a thunderstorm or while riding horseback.
  • Fact 2 Lennart is known to have a great love for unusual food combinations, particularly Swedish and Native American cuisine. One of his specialties is a tobacco mixture that he blends with moss for a unique smoking experience.
  • Fact 3 Lennart has a secret talent for poetry, which he shares with his close friend King. They often write and recite poems together, sometimes using them to send messages to law enforcement or their enemies.


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