Bazz Kerrigan

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Bazz Kerrigan

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Biographical Information
Status Deceased
Alias Bob
Nickname(s) Flannel Hero
Nationality/Ethnicity Australian
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Kerrigan Ranch (Gang), Kettleman Gang
Relatives Danny Kerrigan (son), Eliza Kerrigan (daughter-in-law), Boyd Kerrigan (son)
Significant Other Jackson Kerrigan (wife)
Horse Pharlap
Portrayed By VERTiiGO
Death Certificate
Cause of Death Shootout with SCSD
Place of Death Kerrigan Ranch
Burial Site Hill above Kerrigan Ranch


Early Life

Bazz Kerrigan was born in Australia in to a line of dairy farmers renowned for their incredible cream, although Bazz's path to becoming a Dairy Farmer himself would be delayed by the Australian Civil War between the people of Australia and the native Emu population. Before leaving for war, Bazz married a young Australian woman. During the war, Bazz distinguished himself with remarkable melee prowess against the vicious Emus. Bazz did not leave the war unscathed, however. An Emu snatched an eye right from his head during combat and he was left with what he called "Brain Scars" from the war. These brain scars were likely PTSD from the extensive combat and the loss of multiple friends, including his beloved friend Dingleberry.

After the war, Bazz's wife left him shortly after becoming pregnant with their son Boyd Kerrigan. She kept Boyd's existence a secret from Bazz for most of the rest of his life.

Boyd sought employment in the outback as a hunter. He eventually emigrated to the United States and became a citizen of the Crossing.

Events in Saint's Crossing

While hunting in the Grizzly Mountains, Bazz's beloved horse Mango slipped and fell off a mountain pass. Bazz narrowly survived the fall, but Mango did not. Heartbroken and alone, Bazz struggled for survival for months in the frozen wilderness. He learned how to hunt with his bare hands and survive only with what was in his pockets. When two native Americans approached Bazz, he thought he had been saved. However, they attacked Bazz for trespassing on their land. Bazz's military training kicked in and he managed to kill his attackers. He took one of their horses and headed back to civilization.




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