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Amber Sage is a medic and the owner of Sage's Brew.

Amber Sage

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Biographical Information
Full Name Amber Fiona Sage
Status Alive
Nationality/Ethnicity American Irish
Gender Female
Occupation Medic, Cafe Owner
Relatives Tara Sage (mother, deceased), Robert Sage (father, deceased), Peggy Pegley (aunt)
Date of Birth October 5, 1875
Age 26
Place of Birth Tennessee, USA
Significant Other Tar Sullivan
Horse Cider
Portrayed By FhaeLin


Early Life

Amber Sage was born to her mother, Tara, and her father, Robert, in Tennessee in 1875. Her father was originally a ranch hand but quickly moved up in the world once he discovered his talent for gambling. At the age of 14, Amber and her family moved to New York and her father made a name for himself in various tournaments around the country. Her mother would take on the role of her teacher and mentor in all things.

At the age of 22, Amber met a man named William Wright. William had previously had his eyes set on a woman named Samantha, but turned his gaze to Amber due to her charming demeanor and, most importantly, her father's hefty coin purse.

Amber's mother eventually grew very ill. Amber took on the role of sole caretaker of her mother and the house, as her father took up drinking upon his wife falling ill. After quite some time of an awful amount of suffering, Tara passed on. This drove Robert to drink more heavily and gamble recklessly, and eventually, his fortune ran out. They sold their home in Manhattan and moved to a cabin in the woods north of the city.

Soon after, William came to visit Amber. He requested his ring back so that he might give it to Samantha, to whom his heart truly belonged. She gave it back to him and never turned her gaze toward him again.

After a night of heavy drinking, Robert returned home in a messy rage. Amber was forced to shoot her father in self-defense and whisked away to Saints Crossing by her new friend, Elias Logan.

Events in Saint's Crossing

Amber came to Saints Crossing with her friend, Eli. Soon after, she followed her passion for coffee and teas and opened up a cafe based in Keane's Saloon in Valentine by the name of Sage's Brew. After many folks came to her establishment needing medical aid, she finally decided to work to become a certified medic.

On February 13th, 1901, Amber was enjoying a peaceful time with her loved ones (Tar, Sparks, Frankie, Dallas) at Pronghorn Ranch after getting her certification. Her friends, Tibbit and Moose, eventually showed up at the cabin they were staying in, a knife lodged into Moose's arm by the Del Lobos leader, La Niña. Soon after, the Del Lobos showed up and demanded everyone step out so that they may be robbed. Known for maiming and torture, La Nina was not someone that Sparks trusted, so she eventually opened fire on the Del Lobos after severe provocation. The result was a bloodbath at Pronghorn Ranch, also known as the Valentine's Day Massacre. Amber was the last of the civilians standing, as she surrendered herself to the Del Lobos with the hope that she might be able to treat her friends and save their lives. Despite their aggressive nature with her, eventually the Del Lobos were ordered by La Nina to cut Amber free. They took her weapons and set her off to begin taking care of one of their men before she could work on saving her friends' lives. Eventually, the law showed up when she finished working on a member of the Del Lobos, and Amber rushed to her friends' sides. She was forced to triage her loved ones on her first day as a certified medic. Eventually, other medics arrived on the scene, and all of the victims of Pronghorn Ranch were treated and lived.



Amber is a fun-loving and kind woman who lives to laugh and make others laugh, too. She loves animals, and is an absolute meddler when it comes to relationships.


Amber has bright green eyes with hazel flecks in her irises. Her hair is dark red. She has a very tiny scar on her lip from where a dog bit her in her youth.


Amber came to the Crossing with her good friend, Elias Logan, who has since moved out of state. She has developed friendships with Honey Sparks, Francesca Bright, Dallas Wolfe, Alistair McGregor, Jody Quinn, Tedrick, Moose, and Tibbit, along with many others. She met her closest friend and romantic partner, Tar Sullivan, through her friends living in Rhodes.


  • Amber's favorite color is green.
  • Amber knows French.
  • Amber is known for her love of smut novels.


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