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William Martinez was a salesman, turned exotic Guatemalan Orange Seller and later on a serial killer. He was known by the Medical Office to have split personality disorder which eventually led to several serious attacks on innocent civilians across the Crossing. Ultimately he was sanctioned to Sisika Island for medical treatment for an extended period of time, before eventually being released a reformed man.

After being released, he became quite benign and proceeded to open an art gallery in an abandoned shack in Lemoyne, before eventually being confronted, stabbed and shot by a friend of someone William had targeted in his earlier life. He was buried by a Doctor and a Deputy in the orange groves, wherein his body still resides to this day.

William Martinez

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Biographical Information
Status Deceased
Alias The Orange Man
Nationality/Ethnicity British
Gender Male
Occupation Guatemalan Orange Seller
Affiliation(s) N/A
Relatives N/A
Date of Birth 17th February, 1875
Place of Birth London, England
Horse Breton
Portrayed By NouieMan
Death Certificate
Date of Death 19th May, 1900
Cause of Death Stabbed, then shot.
Place of Death Blackwater Medical Office
Burial Site Orange Groves, Lemoyne


Early Life


Events in Saint's Crossing

Initial Arrival

After arriving in the Crossing, William proceeded to make his way to Valentine wherein he attempted to sell pieces of string, odd sorts, the occasional pencil, and empty jewelry bags for scraps wherein he would proclaim to anyone who listened that he was, by far, 'The Greatest Salesman of all time'. It's known that at some point in his first week within Valentine he was approached and told that he could sell oranges from Lemoyne should he desire. William took up this offer and proceeded to rebrand them as 'Guatemalan', despite the fact they bore the marking of the Lemoyne Orange Grove Orchard Company. The reasoning behind this of course was marketing, as he reasonably believed people would pay a premium for an overseas product.



William was known to only wear suits wherein the primary color was orange. The only occasion wherein he could not be spotted in his trademark orange suit was when he was in a Sisika Prisoner uniform.


He had no romantic relationships, but did have several business partnerships with various Saloons and General stores to supply his 'Guatemalan Oranges'


  • He was an avid Trumpet player, and during his darkest days he regularly played in the streets of St. Denis to lure in unsuspecting victims.
  • Despite claims he was reformed, enough of the crossing had seen him stalking several people in the dark.
  • It was believed that Martinez regularly injected cocaine into his oranges to give them an addictive quality. This was only confirmed on one occasion, when someone who was allergic to Cocaine consumed one of his oranges.


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