Tedrick Nelson

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Tedrick Nelson, Born June 6th 1880 was a Doctor with the Saints Crossing Department of Health.

Dr. Tedrick Nelson

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Biographical Information
Full Name Tedrick Nelson
Status Deceased
Nickname(s) Ted, Teddy
Nationality/Ethnicity American
Gender Male
Occupation Doctor
Affiliation(s) Saints Crossing Department of Health
Date of Birth June 7th, 1880
Age 20
Place of Birth Western Montana
Significant Other Lily Nelson
Horse Lynx
Portrayed By CapnSmitty
Death Certificate
Date of Death April 29th, 1901
Cause of Death Spinal Injury
Place of Death New York City
Burial Site Grizzlies East Mountains


Early Life

Tedrick Nelson was born in the mountains of Western Montana, although Montana wasn't officially established until 1888. He had a nominally normal childhood with his two other siblings, Mary (older) and Greg Nelson (oldest). They grew up outside of a small mining town settlement where their father, Bran Nelson, worked and mother, Amelia Nelson, worked as a nurse tending to the sick and wounded, whose patients often came from the mines. Ted's mother, Amelia, fell sick one day, catching a deadly illness from a patient. Over time it took hold of Ted's brother Greg and his father Bran. Shortly after, Ted being the only healthy one in the home, Amelia passed in her sleep.

That evening of the mother's death, Ted's sister Mary, who worked as a deputy at the time, quietly removed Ted from the home. She brought him a short distance away and left him to sit. Moments later Mary frantically riding away swept Ted off his feet and onto the horse and rode off. Ted turned back to see the flames and smoke rising from their childhood home, listening to the faint screams dissipate from his older brother and father as they faded in the distance. They rode just outside their home town noticing several other homes on fire that night. It was a cleansing of disease in the region organized by the law department. This tragic and traumatizing event would drive Ted to make a hard choice about the direction of his life in the near future.

Over the following years, he chose kindness first in all aspects of life, however, was also naive. He nearly lost his life one fateful day, being on the most unfortunate side of a simple robbery gone awry. He was nearly burned alive, but by a miracle, he was saved by a passing patrol of lawmen and made it out with heavy scarring to his chest, arms and hands. It was at the moment he nearly passed, that he thought about his mother and her work which he helped her with as a child whenever he could. Ted took it as an omen that he would devote the rest of his days to educating himself on medicine and treating people in need, in memory of his mother. He set out and made it happen.

Career in Saint's Crossing

Eventually, he found his way to the crossing becoming one of the only male members of the medical team there, working hard to prove his worth and taking every moment to learn from his peers. Sr. Dr. MacKenna, Sr. Dr. Nelson, and Medic Atwood (later becoming a nurse, then Dr. Atwood) were notably Teds most looked up to members on the team.

He spent much of his free time, tracking down, mapping, and studying the plant life in the Crossing. The discovery of new tonics and ones to watch out for were exciting to Ted.



Tedrick was a doctor in the Saints Crossing Department of Health (SCDH) making an impact on the community wherever he could.


Tedrick was known for his kindheartedness, criminal optimism, and putting all other's needs in front of his own. He was a selfless man, taking pride in making sure everyone around him was taken care of. He didn’t ask for much and was thankful for all he had.


Easily identifiable by the unique native pattern of the red and black vest he wore on a regular basis. You may not remember his face, but you can easily remember that vest.


Partner: Survived by Lily Nelson

Closest Friends: Mattias Temble, Fenix Hayston, Ned Fuller


  • Tedrick is a thrill seeker
  • Has no hesitation to toss back a mystery tonic and see what happens