Rosse Wynn

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Rosse Wynn

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Rosse in Saint Denis
Biographical Information
Full Name Antoinette Rosse-Wynn
Status Alive
Nickname(s) Rosse, Mrs Wynn
Nationality/Ethnicity British
Gender Female
Occupation Hunter
Relatives Seymore Rosse (father), Laura Rosse (mother), Gustave Rosse (brother), Harvey Rosse (brother), Marc Rosse (brother), Percival Rosse (brother)
Age 23
Place of Birth London, England
Significant Other Danner Wynn
Horse Buddy (Shire), Pretty Boy (Breton), Trouble (Missouri Fox Trotter), and Iron (Turkoman)
Portrayed By Shmoo

Antoinette Rosse-Wynn, generally known as Rosse, is a hunter and former reporter of Saint's Crossing.


Early Life

Rosse was born in a lower class area in the South-East of London. Growing up in a hard-working family and as the youngest of five, Rosse has been working hard her whole life to support her siblings and parents. She studied hard to prove herself, pursuing a career in teaching and earning the qualifications she needed to secure a well-paying job. She worked briefly in several middle-class homes before hitting the jackpot with the Grahams, a wealthy family with three uneducated heirs.

Working for the Grahams

Charles and Lilian Graham spent interviewed Rosse over the course of a week, putting her patience to the test by throwing in her into the deep end. She was to tutor the twins Chuck and Marcus every Monday and Friday, and the daughter Anabelle every other day. Rosse worked tirelessly to prove herself and was relieved when the Grahams told her it had worked in her favour. The job was now hers and despite how irriating the twins could be, she continued for the sake of her own family. Sending money back regularly, the work continued to be a bore until a new hire arrived six months after Rosse.

Daisy McAlley, the new maid for the family, seemed to be having trouble adjusting to the intense attitude the Grahams had. Understanding how much she likely needed this job, Rosse put effort into helping make Daisy's job easier. Whether it was making sure to add oddly-specific items Charles wanted onto the grocery list or distracting the family whilst Daisy hurriedly finished cleaning the dining room, Rosse made it part of her job to help her out. Daisy appreciated it immensely, and the two of them became closer as they spent time with each other on their few days off. Eventually the two had to admit this was not simply friendship, and quietly started dating in secret, fearful that their bosses would not approve of a romance between their workers. Despite this, the two were content.

Traveling to the Crossing

A year later, the Grahams brought Rosse and Daisy into a meeting to inform them of a large business venture they were planning. Charles intended to expand his business across the seas, and intended to bring his family with them. Lilian informed Rosse and Daisy that they did not need to attend, but would not be paid in their absence. Understanding how little options they had been presented in such little time, the two agreed to go along. Packing their things and saying goodbye to their families, the trip was planned to be only six months. With the travel overseas being uneventful, things were looking up. Charles and Lilian went about their business, partaking in meetings whilst their sons travelled between saloons and boasted about their wealth to the ladies who worked.

Unfortunately, this caught the attention of exactly the wrong people. Whilst travelling between states, their carriages were attacked by a large group of bandits. In the mayhem, Rosse managed to crawl out of the carriage she was in with the sons and scramble to the nearest brush for safety. Looking back, she witnessed carnage. The carriages were covered in flames, the horses were already sprinting to safety, and the Grahams were being dragged onto the ground. The last thing Rosse saw was Daisy's silhouette climbing out of the burning carriage and one of the men putting her down with his rifle. That's when she ran.

Events in Saint's Crossing

Arriving in Rhodes

Six months after the incident, Rosse found herself arriving in Rhodes in search of a new life. Without the money to travel home, she had to find some way to support herself. Shortly after leaving the train station she was attacked by a man in the street, and was promptly assisted by Man Sauers, Chenoa and a doctor named Kate Holliday. A little startled by the experience, Rosse stuck in town, fearing greater threats outside the safety of the buildings. She was shown around Saint Denis by Kate, Chenoa and a man named Icarus, the four of them helping each other in adjusting to their new lives. Typically it was Chenoa, Kate and Rosse sitting around the doctor's office in Rhodes, observing the town and talking with the law stationed at the Sheriff's Office. Through this, Rosse met Danner Wynn, a Sheriff of Rhodes.

Adapting to the Crossing
The Lang Gang problem
A time for peace and recovery
The return of Lang Gang
What comes next



Rosse is incredibly curious, a trait that has got her in trouble on numerous occasions. Whilst much more anxious and cautious of people when she first arrived in Rhodes, she has since calmed down and has settled into her role as a hunter. She is honest, observant and loyal to a fault. Over the months of living in America and watching people she loves be hurt repeatedly by criminals, her patience has dwindled and she no longer has hope in most people. She believes justice can be served in all manners of ways, and considers herself to be a good person despite her questionable history.


Standing a little below average height, Rosse is a black woman prone to wear mostly white/black clothes with not much color added in. Aside from jackets borrowed from her husband, she typically wears a white corset/shirt and dark pants. With dark gloves covering burn scars on both of her hands, she is often recognized by her hairstyles. Whilst she had her black hair up in buns when she first arrived in Rhodes, she has since grown it out into dreadlocks. Her skin is littered with scars from various animal attacks and several gunshot wounds, as well as one arrow wound from an accident with Running Fox.



  • Rosse's father is French, whilst her Mother is British. Rosse herself was raised in London, England.
  • During a tarot reading with Rosella, the cards Rosse received were The Hanged Man, The Moon, and The High Priestess
  • The knife she slit Chavez's throat with is still in her possession, with the etching 'Chavez's Final Breath'


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