Quincy Hoffsteadler

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Quincy is an agent with The Black Company.

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Biographical Information
Status Alive
Alias Adam
Nickname(s) Oscar
Gender Male
Occupation General Contractor,

Clandestine Cowboy

Relatives Sara Hoffsteadler, daughter
Date of Birth February 2, 1864
Age 37
Place of Birth Richmond, Virginia
Significant Other Gracie-Anne Jones, former
Horse Dutchess
Portrayed By AcidicPlague


Early Life

Born in 1864 to Oswald and Elizabeth Hoffsteadler just outside of Richmond, Virginia. Married his primary school sweetheart Sara Hoffsteadler and then attended the University of Virginia where he obtained his degree in mathematics. Shortly thereafter had a daughter which he and his wife named Sara. Taught primary school maths for two decades until personal issues resulted in the dissolution of his marriage, leading to a midlife crisis which eventually brought him to Saint's Crossing.

Events in Saint's Crossing



Quincy keeps his head shaved and typically wears a long mustache, but has been known to grow his beard out for the winter and to dramatically alter his appearance to make him harder to recognize.



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