Norman Bones

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Norman Bones

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Biographical Information
Full Name Norman Bones
Status Alive
Nationality/Ethnicity American
Gender Male
Occupation Photographer
Relatives Unknown Brother
Place of Birth Annesburg
Horse Thanatifóros (Hungarian Halfbred)
Portrayed By Ziggy

Norman Bones is a character role-played by Ziggy.


Early Life

Norman grew up in the woods near Roanoke Ridge. His father was a hunter and trapper and violent towards his sons.

After his mother died after his brother's birth, their father did quite a number on him - resulting in his memory loss.

Events in New Alexandria

Norman became an opportunistic serial killer who believes himself to be Death and masked himself as a photographer.

  1. Rackish "Pinky" Sing
  2. BB
  3. Thomas Wake
  4. Kent
  5. Reverend Abel Cain. Assisted by Tobias.
  6. Jen Acree
  7. Thomas Hopefield
  8. Jeremiah

Events in Saint's Crossing


  • He rides a pale and dark horse, symbolizing Death in the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
  • His horse is named Thanatifóros from Greek which translates to "Bringer of death"