Morgan Smith

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Morgan Smith

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Biographical Information
Status Alive
Alias Fer-de-lance
Nickname(s) Doc, Smith, the Snake Doctor
Nationality/Ethnicity American
Gender Female
Title Doctor
Occupation Doctor-for-hire, Ophiologist
Affiliation(s) The Cowpoke (formerly), The Foxhounds (formerly), Kerrigan's Ranch, Saints Crossing Department of Health, The Kettleman Gang
Relatives Josiah Matthews (grandfather), Foster Smith (father), Dolly Smith (mother), Milly Smith (sister)
Place of Birth Annesburg, Saints Crossing
Horse The Count (Andalusian)
Portrayed By Shmoo

Morgan Smith is a doctor of Saint's Crossing and enthusiastic Ophiologist.


Early Life

Morgan was born in Annesburg, only minutes after her sister Milly came into the world. The twins were kept close to each other almost always, with their father Foster bringing them to his veterinary practice whilst their mother Dolly was busy in the doctor's office. The both of them showed great interest in the work their parents did from a young age, often playing doctor with the family dog with regular checkups monitored by their parents. However, there were times when both of their parents would be incredibly busy. It wasn't uncommon for the twins, at the age of 7 and over, to be seen wandering around Annesburg together without anyone keeping an eye on them.

Whilst this caused surprisingly little problems for some time, a few weeks after the twins hit 10 years old, everything changed. The two were exploring a little further away from their father's workplace in the tall grass when they heard a hissing. Stumbling across a snake den, both twins were bit by a diamondback rattlesnake protecting the others inside. Their screams were heard by their father, who ran to their aid and carried the two away as fast as he could to the doctor's office. Suffering a bite to her ankle, Morgan became very sick and was put on urgent treatment immediately. Milly, however, was victim to a bite on her side, near her stomach. Despite the efforts of their parents and every other doctor present at the time, Milly passed from her wounds while Morgan stayed deathly ill for some time.

Unable to cope with the loss of one of their children, the Smith family promptly moved to Saint Denis to get away from the memories they held in Annesburg. Without Milly to confide in, Morgan kept mostly to herself. She was frequently brought to her mother's workplace, the parents fearing the worst would happen again if she was to stay near the new veterinary practice. Struggling with survivor's guilt, Morgan developed an interest in studying snakes in an effort to understand why she had survived whilst someone with the exact same biology did not. Considering her parents were typically too busy for her to even talk to, Morgan began to push all of her spare time and motivation towards snakes and their venom.

When she did eventually open up to them about her studies, the response only pushed her away further. Her parents were horrified that she would even think about the creatures that took Milly from them, let alone dedicate her time to studying them. Morgan's quiet, calculated reasoning about her interest led her parents to grow incredibly concerned about her, yet neither were present enough in her life to know how to address it properly. Instead, they called her studies 'heartless', and spoke harshly about their displeasure in her interest. This led Morgan to distance herself further from them, and pushed her interest in snake venom into an obsession.

Morgan began experimenting with venom during her teenage years. In private, in between her doctoring lessons, she would inject small quantities of venom into herself to gradually build up her tolerance. During this time, her parent's displeasure in her studies became more vocal and Morgan's distaste for her parents only grew. When she finally left Saint Denis with her medical license, she was not on speaking terms with her parents and they had made it clear how they felt. The last thing Morgan heard from her mother were the words "You've lost too much heart to ever be a good doctor."

After the Battle of Saint Denis, Morgan received a letter informing her that her parents had been killed in the riots and crime that followed the battle. Only then, when she finally had no ties left, did Morgan finally take a step into Strawberry to open her options.

Events in Saint's Crossing

Meeting the Mountain Man

In 1899, Dr Morgan Smith was roaming Strawberry when a mysterious man fell from the large metal pipe above her in a crumpled heap on the ground. She offered to help patching him up whilst judging him for his safety choices, and began walking with him and a lady friend of his towards the small pink shack on the hill next to Strawberry. Before they got to the building, guns were drawn by the two of them and Dr Morgan was held at gunpoint. The man turned out to be Rene Sonse and the woman was Billie Mae, his partner in crime. Rene asked Dr Morgan to fix his 'broken heart', much to the annoyance of Billie Mae. Shortly after being treated, Rene and Billie Mae ran off to avoid the consequences of their actions.

But Rene and Dr Morgan kept bumping into each other. From him finding her watching wolves, to having a date in the Blackwater Saloon, the two continued to run into each other and talk more about their lives in the Crossing. Despite their many differences, the two took a confusing liking to one another.

Whispers of a Serpent
New Enemies
Crossed by the Boss
The Cowpoke
Unlikely Friendships
Lost, Found and Lost Again
The Foxhounds
The End of a Second Chance
The Bedside Doctor and her many Goodbyes
The Return
New Friends gained, Old Allies Lost
Finally, some Quiet
The Kerrigan Ranch
Third Time's the Charm



Morgan is a chaotic, blunt, and loyal woman. Not afraid to speak her mind, she's quick to tell people her thoughts on a subject no matter the other's opinion. She adores when things are a little more chaotic, typically encouraging people to fight or offering violence as a solution to most people's problems. Despite all of this, she is a worrier and cares deeply for those she is close to. She will gladly put a knife into someone who hurt a friend of hers, and say they deserved it without a hint of guilt in her system. Also, she's incredibly enthusiastic about snakes.


Standing at 6ft tall, Morgan is a pale woman with bright ginger hair and circular glasses always perched on her nose. Typically wearing a black or red corset with no shirt underneath to show off her figure, her freckles are clearly visible to most people. Whilst formerly wearing a long green coat, she has since switched to a more tattered red one with blue flowers, black leather pants, and knee-high black heeled boots. She always has a black hat on her head with a golden feather, and black strapped gloves over her hands. Littered with various small scars, the worst is hidden on her lower back, though the results of it are sometimes apparent when she uses her black cane to assist herself in walking around.



  • Morgan has a book of snake facts she continuously adds to with every new snake discovered in the Crossing
  • She is 40 years old
  • She once stole handcuff keys from a Sheriff, and made a mold of them in order to create more sets
  • Morgan did not believe in love before meeting Rene Sonse


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