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Misty Thatcher

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Biographical Information
Full Name Ahari Gayle Thatcher
Status Alive
Alias Maria Shaw, Misty Thatcher, Ahari Gayle Clemente-Simmons
Nickname(s) Misty, The Minx, Temptress
Nationality/Ethnicity Taino, African
Gender Female
Occupation Manager of Smithfield's (formerly) Manager of The Grand Korrigan
Affiliation(s) Sam's Club (formerly), Red Lion (formerly)
Date of Birth October 22nd
Age 25
Place of Birth Barbados
Significant Other Ezra Thatcher
Horse Sweet Roll (deceased), Storm, Cassava
Portrayed By Ayekayy47_


Early Life

Misty Shaw was born Ahari Gayle Clemente Simmons. Ahari meaning "Guardian Angel" in Arawak, and Gayle meaning "The Father's rejoice" in Arawak because she was her father's first child after a failed pregnancy before she was concieved. Ahari grew up in Barbados in a small tribe with her mother. Her father abandoned her and her mother when Ahari was only 2 years old, for reasons unknown. Ahari mother then got married to the tribe "Cacique" and they had children of their own giving her a half-brother and half-sister. Growing up in tribe and with her mother and her new family Ahari often times had it rough. She was often made to feel like she didn't belong. Always made to feel bad because her features, such as her skin and hair, were different from her mothers and siblings. Her stepfather treated her no better, often trying to manipulate her and gaslight her in certain situations. She would try to talk to her mother and let her know of these actions her stepfather would make against her, but he mother didn't listen and didn't believe her.

Moving to America

When she was of age to take care for herself, the emotional and mental abuse led her to run from her tribe because she wanted to escape the trauma she had been given, besides that she ran from the sheltered tribe life she was always known for, because she wanted to see the world for what it really was on the outside. Upon leaving her tribe, she tried to convince her mother to come with her, start a new life and leave her monster of a stepfather. This sparked a horrible argument with her mother about her freedom and her trauma. Things got physical with her mother when Ahari spoke out and called her "weak", upsetting her mother, and leaving Ahari with a permanent scar on her cheek. She got on a bout from Barbados to Florida and never looked back.

New York, Tobias Silk, and the birth of Misty Shaw

When Ahari made it to American she spent some time in Florida, unsure about what to do with her life and how to live outside of tribe she would work in a bed and breakfast saving enough money to continue her travels. Reading a newspaper she saw an offer to work in New York as a dancer, and this interest her because dancing was something she always enjoyed doing. She ended up on a train and went from Florida to New York. Once in New York she would work underneath an old couple who owned a bed and breakfast nearby downtown where she would try to pursue her chances at being a dancer. During the day she would clean rooms and by night she would try to hang around the areas the local dancers would frequent to try to learn or create connections for herself. One night she got back to her bed and breakfast job and was kicked out on the street with no reasoning. THe couple she had been working for wanted nothing to do with her any longer.
This lead her to meet a man named Tobias Silk who took her under his wing, turned her life around, showing a new way to live and giving her new opportunities in the big city. She grew fondly of Silk, even going to lengths to change her hair, voice, the way she dressed, and even her name for him and to fit his standards. He called her Maria Shaw, telling her it would benefit her if she wanted to reach her dreams in he new life in New York. Ahari blindly agreed to whatever Silk would tell her, because of her fondness for him and her ignorance to life in America. This led her down a dangerous path. Instead of becoming and making something of herself, Silk molded her into a tool that he could use to benefit herself. Misty was unable to speak up for herself, and if she did she would be punished by him. Silk had her brainwashed into thinking this was standard everyday life. He gave her everything, so she figured that it was ok as long as she was taken care of. She did not know what love was and Silk gave her a distorted view of love by making her one of his girls. One night, Summer, whos was Misty's best friend and one of Silk's girls along with her decided she was done with the traumatic relationship Silk had put them through. Things quickly went south when Summer spoke up to Silk and this angered him. Silk ended up killing Summer right in front of Misty's eyes, forcing Misty to help clean up the mess he left behind. This would strike even more fear into Misty knowing she had to get out of there quick or she would eventually be next. That night when Silk was sleeping she got what she could and left on a train.

Events in Saint's Crossing


When Misty arrived to the crossing she made her way to Valentine. Keeping the name of Misty, this would be her first time of on her own in a long time, and also grieving and dealing with trauma from not just one monster in her life but now 2. In Valentine Misty met a man names James Delany and quickly picked up a job as a bartender at the Red Lion Saloon. With her charismatic nature, bartending came easy to her, and it became something she loved doing. She enjoyed meeting the new faces that often came into the Saloon as well as helping Mr. Delany with any tasks he had for the day. At this time Misty had a hand in petty crime, but was never successful at it. She robbed a couple general stores, and even a bank but was swindled by Jimothy for the loot at the end of the job. After a bit Misty joined Delany and his family in the Red Lion Organization. Things got rocky when members found out that Delany had spoke to law about things that labeled him a "rat". Delany decided to lay low leaving the Red Lion Saloon to Misty.

With the saloon in her hands Misty changed the name of the saloon to "Smithfields" She also would continue a close relationship with Sam's Club even becoming a partial member of the gang.

The Grand Korrgian



Misty is often said to be a Minx, she is charismatic, flirty and promiscuious, a quality she picked up while working in New York with Silk. Silk taught her how to use these qualities to manipulate men into giving her what she wanted, often times making them vulnerable to be robbed. Misty also at times can be mysterious, she can also be very sassy and outspoken on things she is passionate about. She always says that most her issues stem from things that she says to people that they don't like. Due to the trauma in her life Misty can also be very closed off and emotionally unavailable to people especially men. When she was new to the crossing she would see men as objects that could only fulfill her wants and nothing more.


Misty has tan skin, she stands at about 5'6 and she has normal proportions. She has long, dark wavy hair that she often keeps braided to keep it out her face. Misty had a scar on her right cheek that was given to her from her mother during an argument the night she left her tribe.


Tobias Silk was the first person Misty was ever with, their relationship was toxic, but Misty didn't know any better, and she figured that it was what love was supposed to look like. Misty moved to the crossing ending the manipulation and controlling behavior Silk held over her.

  • When she got to the crossing Misty had a black book of names she kept of men who she had been involved with while she bartended at Smithfields in Valentine. The men were mostly flings, and usually never caused any deeper feelings.

John Beckwith was one of the first people Misty took a fancy too when she moved to the crossing. They spent lots of time together getting to know each other. Beckwith was the first person that Misty ever opened up too and relieved her true identity too. Even though things couldn't get any deeper Misty still values her friendship with Beckwith.

Ezra Thatcher and Misty were married in December of 1901. The met while Misty was working at Smithfields in Valentine. After Silk came to the crossing looking for her and attacked her, her relationship with Ezra would blossom. Ezra made her feel safe, he was patient with her, and respected her boundaries. Ezra was the first person that Misty felt really saw her as a person and not an object. He understood where she had come from and the trauma she endured as well as how it affected her life. Ezra taught her what love truly was and he was willing to put the time in to help her through her trauma. Misty and Ezra have a son, Elijah Thatcher, that lives in Guarma with Ezra's family.


  • One of Misty's flings gifted her a heart-shaped diamond. (No it was not Ezra nor Beckwith)
  • Misty attempted to rob The Wallaby Kid but ended up getting herself robbed by him in the process.


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