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Captain James Henderson is an pirate & an outlaw, commonly associated with a group known as 'Henderson's Crew' or less regularly, 'Henderson & Co' & 'The Mary Celestes'.

James Henderson

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I am perpetually innocent, deputies.
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Alias 'Dead Finger' / 'Captain Spoons'
Nickname(s) N/A
Nationality/Ethnicity Australian
Gender Male
Title Captain
Occupation Pirate Outlaw
Affiliation(s) Henderson's Crew (Sometimes referred to as Henderson & Co)
Relatives Captain JoJo Henderson
Date of Birth 10th of April, 1853
Age 48
Place of Birth An unnamed island in the Indian Ocean
Significant Other N/A
Horse 'Anchor' - A Dutch Warmblood
Portrayed By NouieMan


Early Life

Born to unknown parents sheltering from a large storm in a cove, James Henderson was taken to Australia wherein he was assigned to various workhouses prior to joining the British Royal Navy, at the age of 16.

Events in Saint's Crossing

Initial Criminal Schemes
The Crew of the Mary Celeste - Captain Henderson's first formed criminal group
Hunting 'The Justice League'
War with the DeCenzos
War with Summers Gang
War with Kettleman Group
Mutiny by Pip
Attempted execution of Captain Henderson by the Kettleman Group, Kerrigans Crew, and the DeCenzos



Captain James Henderson is known for almost constantly wearing a light beige Tricorn hat, the same one that he originally brought with him to the Crossing. The only time he is seen without his hat is when he is laying low from the law or other criminal elements. He normally then wears some combination of dark clothing, with a trademark hatchet fixated to the belt.

More recently in order to lay credence that he's a 'reformed man' he's been spotted wearing more formal brighter attire, with the same Tricorn upon his head.


Captain Henderson has a recently discovered daughter by the name of Captain JoJo Henderson. It's not known whether JoJo is actually his daughter, all that is known is that Captain Henderson had a brief romantic stint with Captain Jude Johns (JoJo's mother), twenty years prior to JoJo's birth. Captain JoJo is 19, and does share similar characteristics such as hair color.

As a result of the above, Captain JoJo & Captain Henderson have both come to the understanding that he's likely her Father, thus Captain Henderson treats JoJo as such.


  • Despite popular misconception, he actually prefers Whiskey over Rum.
  • At one point in 1900, he was waging war against all major criminal gangs within the Crossing.
  • He has only ever shown his true ship to three people.


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