Jackson Pryde

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Jackson Pryde

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Biographical Information
Status Alive
Alias Jack Young
Nickname(s) Dead-Eye, Dead-Eye Jack,
Nationality/Ethnicity American
Gender Male
Occupation Gunsmith, Highwayman
Affiliation(s) Bloody Hoods Gang
Date of Birth June 11, 1876
Age 24
Place of Birth Charlotte, North Carolina
Significant Other N/A
Horse Pepper, Jasper
Portrayed By Kyltrex


Early Life

Jackson Pryde was brought into this world in the appealing sight of the small city of Charlotte, North Carolina. He never knew of his mother, Mildred StClair who passed away whilst giving birth to him on the 11th of June, 1876. Jackson was born with a birth defect now presently known as Microphthalmia, which causes one eye to not become fully developed which led to complete blindness in the eye. Born into a first class family, the beginning of his adolescent stage consisted of spoils and a solidified upbringing. His father eventually lost his battle to colon cancer, leaving Jackson to the orphanage at the age of 7 with no other family to care for him. Since he knew little of an enjoyable and lively childhood, it was tough for him to make friends with the other orphans.

He would constantly be harassed and made fun of on a daily basis by the other orphans, due to his pleasantries and his birth defect. He would be called "Dead Eye" due to his disability. This made Jackson always seem closed off and built a wall around his insecurities and levels of trust. He was hard to approach, hard to read and get to understand, and especially hard to gain his companionship. The abuse became physical after the years, due to the effects of the constant bullying not being of enough satisfaction for the assailants.

By the age of 14, Jackson remained closed off and still had of little friends. He ran away from the orphanage after finally having enough of the abusive individuals. In doing such, he made sure that his message was clear. One of the orphans remained bloodied and pulped in the dormitory, after Jackson struck him with an improvised bladed weapon made of a sharpened piece of metal and a piece of cloth. The other juveniles remained in shock, as they watched Jackson ruthlessly butcher the individual. The path was cleared for him to leave, even by the Orphan Keepers as nobody wanted to stand in his way. He knew he had to get out of there, for local authorities would be notified.

After a few of years of being in hiding, in the nearest town of Concord; Jackson being now 17, made his way to a small port of a place called Van Horn, New Alexandria after using a series of disguises and committing petty crimes to gain money for fares. He didn't care where the destination was, or what was in store for him; but he was tired of being in hiding. Spending the rest of his teenage years in the town of Van Horn, Jackson met some like minded individuals who were of the locally operated gang; the Lemoyne Raiders. Spending some time in Shady Belle, and traveling with the gang; he became a known sharpshooter to the gang after being taught the fundamentals of firearms. Jackson had a quick draw like no other, and a unique way of handling firearms due to his unique defect.

Upon the fallout between his section of the Raiders, Jackson now the age of 20; decided to move on and look for local mercenary work. He fell victim during a general store robbery in the town of Strawberry, as two fellas with red in color hoods held up the clerk. They completely destroyed the store due to the disobedience of orders that the store clerk was failing to comply with. Jackson was able to escape out of the back door; to where another hooded man was waiting outside watching the perimeter.

Jackson had then spent 5 days in captive by the three men, remaining resilient and less talkative of important matters, the gang knew he was worth something due to his defiance. He didn't really like a particular member out of the small group, who was his main aggressor in the fact, labeled as the gangs butcher. Jack expressed to the man, that he would have him in the dirt before he could draw his gun in defense, if he was to challenge him to a duel.

The gang laughed and insulted Jack for even thinking that's possible but the leader, Noah Edgefield; remained silent and observant.

"What's your name kid?" asked Edgefield

"They calls me Dead Eye Jack" replied Jackson

"Well...lets see in what form, shall we?" Edgefield asked, as he cut the ropes binding Jack's hands and handed him a revolver with one chambered round.

"You's got a gun now..what yous gonna do with it?" Asked Edgefield. Jack began to holster the weapon, and take six paces back, nodding to the butcher to do the same.

"You're fucking dead boy!" yelled the Butcher as he laughed and snorted; then began to follow suite.

Upon the near-town church bell ringing, the Butcher laid dead upon the ground with his weapon remaining holstered. The pair stared at each other in awe and seemed awfully impressed. Noah, with a large grin on his face; returned to his tent to retrieve a white hood with ripped holes for eyesight. He threw it over to Jack was a blank impression.

"Welcome to the hoods, number three."

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