Enrique Vespucci

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Enrique Vespucci

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The Bartender of Valentine
Biographical Information
Full Name Enrique Manuel Vespucci
Status Deceased
Alias Eggplant, Red & Black, The Bartender of Valentine
Nickname(s) Vespoopy
Nationality/Ethnicity Spanish/Italian
Gender Male
Occupation Bartender, Deputy
Affiliation(s) Valentine, SCSD, Lemoyne County
Relatives Capitan Manuel Bonifacio Vespucci (father, deceased), Carmelita Escobar Vespucci née de Escuela (mother, deceased), Jaoquin “Quino” Manuel Vespucci (brother, deceased), Campaño “Campa” Manuel Vespucci (brother, deceased), Amanda Reno Vespucci (daughter, deceased)
Date of Birth October 7, 1855
Age 45
Place of Birth Madrid, Spain
Significant Other Layla Vespucci née Reno (wife, deceased)
Horse Rory (Turkoman), V (Thoroughbred), Sadie (Breton)
Portrayed By IanMMori
Death Certificate
Date of Death February 11, 1901
Cause of Death Shot in the line of duty
Place of Death Rhodes Sheriff's Office
Burial Site Behind Valentine's Smithfield's Saloon by a tree


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