Cesare DiCenzo

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Cesare DiCenzo

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Family comes first, always.
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Alias Raul, Marinara Mimicle
Nationality/Ethnicity Italian
Gender Male
Title DiCenzo Head
Affiliation(s) DiCenzo Family
Relatives Santino "Sonny" DiCenzo (Brother)
Horse Sanguigno, Azzura, Capitano, Commandatore
Portrayed By ZetarkGG


Early Life

Growing up in the failing state of Sicily, times were rough for Cesare and his blood family. The unification wars had struck down hard on the DiCenzo household, and so the family found itself falling deeper and deeper into poverty. Hearing about the wealth and opportunity in the new world to the west, the young Cesare with his brother, Santino, decided to take a leap of faith and sail west. Eventually they landing in the state of Saints Crossing, eager to start reaping the spoils of their gamble, they set out to earn money for their poverty stricken family back home.



Cesare is a family man at heart. His care for his family absolute and it's safety is consistently his highest priority. If you hurt what he cares about, he will not show mercy. But this serious side is most of the time shrouded behind a more reasonable and business-minded approach that he defaults to using. He sees connections as one of the best ways to keep his family from harm, and so he tries his best to develop rapport among the other businesses around Saint Denis.


Cesare is generally on the bigger side, he often wares large coats that hang down to his shoes. His attire can vary from colorful blue to shady black, one consistency though is that his clothing always come from the expensive side. Cesare has a myriad of scars around his body, one along his right cheek, one slightly lower on the right side of the mouth, he also has a scar on one of his hands.


Many of the close relationships in Cesare's life is people in the famiglia. The closest of all is his brother Santino "Sonny" DiCenzo, who is Cesare's other half. Together they control the DiCenzo Famiglia.

Most of the other family members are all friendly and understanding of Cesare. With the long standing members probably being the closest to Cesare, members like Oliver Toscano, Tony "Lucky" Salerno, Sergio Scarpatti and Amadeo Moretti


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