Blem Jinkins

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Blem Jinkins is a ranch hand who works at Kerrigan Ranch.

Blem Jinkins

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What in Tarnation?!
Biographical Information
Full Name Blemington Ferris Jinkins
Status Alive
Nickname(s) Blem
Nationality/Ethnicity American
Gender Male
Occupation Ranch Hand
Affiliation(s) Kerrigan Ranch (Gang)
Relatives Alem Jinkins (brother), Clementine Jinkins-Barrows (sister), Delmar Jinkins (brother)
Date of Birth October 19th
Age 34
Place of Birth Lumpkin, Georgia
Horse Bueford
Portrayed By MrFreak_TV


Early Life

Blem was born to Ferris and Dorothy Jinkins in the small town of Lumpkin, Georgia. His father Ferris worked their small peanut farm while his mother Dorothy gathered the crops and raised the children. All the children worked on the farm once they were old enough to do so, Blem was picking peanuts with his mother when he was old enough to walk and helped drive the plow by the time he was eight years old. His parents made sure that all the children attended school, Blem loved school, but not the work, he was always getting into trouble for clowning around and dipping the girls' pigtails in ink. He was smart but struggled a bit with his words and spelling, something with which he has a problem to this day. By the age of thirteen, he was splitting time between the farm and lumbermill in order to help make ends meet when the crops weren't doing so well.

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Blem is a laid-back, happy-go-lucky fellow. He can be shy at times, but once he gets to know a person he is delighted to carry on conversations. He can laugh and cut up like the best of them, but he is also a good listener and wise beyond his years. Many friends have come to him for his colorful sagely advice.


Blem is a husky fellow, with a strong build, a kind face with nicely kept ginger red hair, and a bushy beard.


Blem is very close to everyone currently associated with Kerrigan Ranch (Gang).



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