James Kelly

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James Kelly

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Biographical Information
Status Alive
Alias Kelly, Kingslayer
Nickname(s) Kames Jelly
Nationality/Ethnicity Australian
Gender Male
Occupation Outlaw
Affiliation(s) Kettleman Gang
Relatives Elias Boon (grandfather), Michael Kelly (brother), Lance Kelly (brother), Seth Kelly (brother), Timothy Kelly (brother), Abigail Kelly (sister), Colleen Kelly (sister)
Date of Birth 21/08/1880
Age 21
Place of Birth Sydney, Australia.
Significant Other Nahmala (ex-fiance)
Horse Ite Ska, Boots, Socks.
Portrayed By aJimmy


Early Life

Kelly grew up like most children in Australia during the time period, barely getting by working his family's ranch. Born to a Native Australian mother, an Irish Immigrant father, and six siblings. At some point during his childhood, the family's farmland was repossessed due to unknown reasons, forcing the family into even harder times.

Events in Saint's Crossing



Kelly is a naive and rather brash individual, often coming off as lacking in the brains department. Despite this, he is fairly socially aware.


Kelly has close ties to: The Heartland Mob lead by Elias Boon. The Unhung Glorious Bastards lead by Sam Baas. The Kettleman Gang, his current criminal outfit.


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