Harriet Hawkins

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Harriet Rosalin 'Hawk' Hawkins was a criminal working with the Red Water Company.

Harriet Rosalin Hawkins

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Biographical Information
Status Deceased
Alias Hawk
Nickname(s) Hawk
Nationality/Ethnicity British
Gender Female
Occupation Criminal
Affiliation(s) Red Water Company, Gavin Summers
Relatives None
Date of Birth Nov. 21st
Age 25
Place of Birth Wimbledon, London
Significant Other Koho Tookiani
Horse Arabian [Rook], Breton [Sparrow]
Portrayed By LEAH
Death Certificate
Date of Death 12/08/1901
Cause of Death GSW, Kidney Failure
Place of Death St. Denis
Burial Site Cremated


Early Life

Born in Wimbledon to a middle-upper class family. Harriet had a sister, Bernadette, with an unspecific mental illness that lead to her murder when Harriet was 15. Harriet left home grieving and sought drugs and control of a local group of pick pockets for survival. She became obsessed with control and desperate to control her grief, leading to her experimenting with substances that would have significant effects on her perception of morality and later, her physical condition. Eventually she garnered too much attention and sought to flee from London with the help of documents forged by a good friend, Dante Drummer. She spent some time in New York running small scale organised crime groups, exchanging moonshine and attempting to satisfy her violent desires, before moving to the Crossing to aid Gavin Summers, a contact she'd made through the moonshine business.

Events in Saint's Crossing

She and her companion Rufus Lorde joined with Summers and the Red Water Company in early 1901, hoping to satisfy her desire to incite fear as she continued on a self destructive spiral through the lens of needing control. Rufus was killed by Red Water Company around May 1901. In July she lost a Kidney after a shootout with Law in St. Denis. After many conflicts RWC eventually parted ways with Summers, moving away from targetting law and back to a traditional bounty hunting model of work. Eventually, Harriet was forced to seek medical treatment for symptoms she was experiencing, and forced to accept she was dying slowly of Kidney disease. RWC found themselves in conflict with other groups with historical grievances and Harriet chose to do one last risky job to help try and secure a future for them, where she distracted the law long enough for the gang to run and stash the items they stole in the St. Denis bank heist. She succumbed to her wounds in the St. Denis Sheriff's office.



Hawk was a cold, calculated and harsh person. She was happy to use people to meet her goals and deliberately avoided questions of morality. She blamed the drugs she'd taken to avoid the grief over her sister for removing much of what she felt was humanity. Over her time in the crossing she began to find fulfilment in human moments, allowing herself to become close to people and care about them beyond the clinical curiousity she hid behind. She realised most of her personality was not due to the drugs she originally blamed and eventually mellowed some.


Medium brown hair in a low bun, brown eyes, freckles, scar running down left side of cheek. Serious expression, sharp eyes. Usually wearing a black hat with red band and small bird feather.